Nintendo Switch To Get Virtual Console For Classic Games? Modders Find NES Emulator

It looks like the Nintendo Switch console has an NES emulator embedded in the firmware, so classic games running on this machine is a possibility. Modders made this discovery and according to, this could have “big implications” which could suggest a Virtual Console. For a time, Nintendo had been hush-hush about such an idea since the console’s release, but this discovery may have unfolded this to be a reality.

A couple of days ago, Polygon reported that the lack of a Virtual Console for the Switch was a sore spot. As far as they were concerned, they thought the company had no plans to put this into place, but now there looks to be a likelihood considering this discovery.

Apparently, Nintendo had thought the NES and SNES Classic Editions would be suitable enough to the point that using it for the Switch wouldn’t be necessary. Senior executive officer Satoshi Yamato figured that they would be suitable enough.

Considering the company has been rather quiet about the whole Virtual Console thing, Yamato was at a pause regarding making it happen. He talked about having “sufficient demand,” however, wouldn’t the surge in sales of the NES Classic Edition be indicative of a green light on the Virtual Console should commence?

Nintendo Switch NES Emulator Virtual Console
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There’s also the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games to consider, which has had great success with their Virtual Consoles.

The thing is, in order for this to be accomplished, these emulators should be made available to everyone. However, scalpers impeded this as they re-sold the NES Classic on Ebay. With that came the lack of available consoles. The SNES Classic Edition is foreseen not to have a similar problem since they manufactured more product than the NES Classic Edition, but there’s no telling for sure at this point.

Keep in mind, pre-orders for that one sold out in Europe as well. September is its release date, and according to Polygon, it doesn’t look promising. That said, it seems like it too could suffer the same fate as the NES Classic Edition.


Also, Yamato referred to making these SNES Classic Edition games downloadable. Keep in mind, it was the NES emulator that was discovered, however, this looks like an Easter egg of sorts tying into what Yamato was referring to. Be it NES or SNES games, the concept of downloadable content is there.

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