‘Alaskan Bush People’ Leaks! Was Matt Alone During The Explosion? How Did Fans React To Ami’s Cancer?

The Alaskan Bush People are making sure that their last season of the show is going out with a proverbial bang. The latest leaks from the show suggest that not only is the family more dramatic than we all originally thought, but that we don’t have the slightest clue about what could possibly be coming next.

The speculation about the Alaskan Bush People came thanks to a Facebook page called “Alaskan Bush People Exposed,” wherein they said that Matt was “not alone” at the time he got injured, and what’s more, someone else got hurt in the process.

The page called into question the speculation that the injury Matt Brown sustained happened in Browntown, as well, especially when a fan questioned her credibility.

“That’s not true, he does not have an apartment in Hoonah. This clearly happened in Browntown and the boat crew was with him. The film crew was at the dock when they brought them back to be Medevac out.”

That is a pretty hefty charge to leverage against someone, if it’s true. Who was the person that was hurt? How bad were their injuries? And could they sue the Brown family for damages? These are all things that the Alaskan Bush People don’t seem to be bringing up any time soon.

Meanwhile, there’s another reason why the Alaskan Bush People were in the news: because Ami Brown was, officially, diagnosed with cancer. Fans’ reaction to the diagnosis was swift and immediate, and all of them seemed to be heartbroken over the fact that Ami wasn’t well.

The Brown family shared some of the more touching messages with their fans on the official Alaskan Bush People Twitter page. No, we’re not crying — we’re just cutting some particularly big onions. You’re crying.

The Twitter page also encouraged fans to send their own notes to the Brown family by visiting the Discovery Channel page dedicated directly to that. We here wish nothing but the best for Ami Brown during her treatment and recovery.

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[Featured Image by Discovery Networks]