Robyn Dixon And Ashley Darby Support One Another Despite ‘RHOP’ Fight

A preview clip of Part 1 of the Season 2 Real Housewives of Potomac reunion show, which will air on Sunday night, shows Robyn Dixon and Ashley Darby in a very heated argument over Ashley’s comments about Robyn’s relationship with her ex, Juan Dixon. Yet, it seems that viewers will see Robyn and Ashley resolve their issues with one another by the end of the reunion show; after filming the reunion show, both Ashley and Robyn tweeted their support and well wishes for one another.

In the clip, host Andy Cohen reads a viewer’s question asking Robyn and Charrisse Jordan why they repeatedly bring up Ashley’s age and talk down to her because of it. Both Robyn and Charrisse explain that they bring up Ashley’s age in order to point out that she has not gone through the life experiences that they have and, therefore, has no basis to make comments on their marriages. Robyn, in particular, is adamant that since Ashley has no children, she has no right to comment on her and Charrisse’s decisions to stay in their marriages for as long as they have.

Ashley defends herself by saying that one does not need to go through a particular life experience in order to comment on it. According to Ashley, a person can give advice to somebody based on observation. When Robyn, whose unconventional relationship with her ex, Juan Dixon, has been a major story line throughout the season, once again says that Ashley has no idea because she doesn’t have children, Ashley points out that Gizelle Bryant got divorced and left a bad marriage even though she had children. Ashley then claims that Robyn and Charrisse are using their children as an excuse.

“Gizelle did the best thing for her life even though she has children. Why are you guys hiding behind that?”

When Charrisse points out that Ashley has issues in her own marriage to Michael Darby, Ashley, clearly in reference to Robyn, says that she’s taking action instead of not doing anything.

“Well I’m taking action to fix my marriage okay? I’m not gonna sit in this bad situation for 20 years okay? Unlike that what’s going on over there. If something’s wrong, I’m gonna fix it.”

This sets Robyn off. Robyn yells at Ashley to stop talking badly about her situation with Juan.

“Why are you judging my situation? I have not talked one bad thing about you and Michael. Why do you continue to slam me and my relationship and my situation!?”

Judging by this preview clip from The Real Housewives of Potomac, it wouldn’t be surprising if Ashley Darby and Robyn Dixon aren’t on good terms. However, it seems that they later worked out their differences. Last Sunday, after the Season 2 finale episode aired, Ashley tweeted that she genuinely likes Robyn and wants to see her happy. Ashley added that Robyn is beautiful inside and out.


Ashley’s tweet received several comments from viewers who pointed out that Ashley’s negative comments about Robyn’s relationship with Juan were out of line and that it’s too late now to act nice to Robyn. Surprisingly, Robyn reacted positively to Ashley’s tweet. Instead of dismissing Ashley, Robyn told her that she appreciates her words and that she wishes the best for her as well.


While the Real Housewives of Potomac preview clip showed Robyn vehemently disagreeing with Ashley Darby, perhaps viewers will also see Robyn actually agreeing with Ashley’s comments, which she stated throughout the season, that she should once and for all leave Juan Dixon.

One of their co-stars, however, doesn’t think that will happen. During Gizelle Bryant’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live last Sunday night, she said that Robyn, with whom she’s good friends, will never leave Juan.

“She’s never leaving, so they’re gonna be together forever. Yes, yeah, she’s very loyal, she’s very committed to him. That’s like the love of her life…it’s like thick and thin, she’s just down…”

Robyn Dixon has maintained that she’s fine with her current situation, in which she lives with Juan Dixon like they’re married — but without the romance. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Robyn recently stated she doesn’t need a man in her life to be happy and that having a romantic relationship is not currently a priority in her life.

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