Mike Pence Disobeys NASA ‘Do Not Touch’ Warning, Internet Reacts To His Rebel Act By Launching A New Meme

Mike Pence Becomes A Meme After Disobeying NASA Warning

Mike Pence is taking a hands-on approach to making space great again. However, NASA might take issue with the vice president’s disregard for its warning about a piece of space equipment.

As Time Magazine reports, Mike Pence was touring NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, when he stopped to admire a piece of “critical space flight hardware.” The large object was clearly labeled with a “Do Not Touch” sign, but Pence ignored the warning. He was photographed placing his hand on the equipment, directly below the warning sign. The image of the Vice President’s rebellious act quickly went viral, and a new Mike Pence meme was born.

Twitter brought the jokes to the Pence roast, and one popular take on his forbidden touch was comparing it to President Donald Trump’s past comments about women. The Guardian recently pointed out that many Americans quickly got over their initial outrage at Trump’s infamous “grab them by the p***y” remark, but some of the president’s fiercest critics have not forgotten about his pre-presidency boast that he could get away with groping women because he was famous.

“Well, there goes my plan for protecting my lady parts from republicans. Note to self: Signs won’t work,” tweeted @OhNoSheTwitnt in response to the image of Mike Pence possibly taking advantage of his own position of power by ignoring NASA’s sign.

A few Twitter users joked that the flight hardware wasn’t happy about Mike Pence ignoring the sign; it appeared to respond to his touch by making a shocked and distressed face.

There were also “Mother” jokes aplenty. Earlier this year, Rolling Stone reported that Mike Pence repeatedly referred to his wife, Karen, as “Mother” during a dinner with state legislators at the governor’s mansion in Indiana.

“Mother, Mother, who prepared our meal this evening?” he was overheard asking his wife.

“Mother, Mother, whose china are we eating on?” he reportedly asked Karen a few minutes later.

In a profile on Mike Pence’s wife, the Washington Post writes that the vice president “never eats alone with a woman other than his wife.” This bit of trivia about the conservative Christian politician was also the basis for many Twitter jokes about his close encounter with the space hardware.

Mike Pence also found himself being compared to cartoon characters who can’t resist doing things that they’re told not to do, including Peter Griffin, Family Guy’s badly-behaving dad, and Spongebob Squarepants character Patrick Star, the oafish starfish who often frustrates his underwater friends with his inability to follow instructions.

The Mike Pence photo inspired a Reddit Photoshop battle that had the vice president placing his disobedient digits on many different people and things, including President Donald Trump. A similar image popped up on Twitter.

Mike Pence wasn’t just at the Kennedy Space Center to create a meme-able moment. As CBS News reports, Donald Trump has named Pence the chair of the new National Space Council, and he was there to deliver a speech to spaceport workers about the current administration’s plans for future space exploration. Pence vowed that American astronauts will walk on the moon again and that they will someday touch “the face of Mars” (but with their boots, not their hands).

[Featured Image by Eric Thayer/Getty Images]