‘Salvation’ On CBS: Apocalyptic Series Features ‘Greatest Conspiracy Never Told’, 14-Minute Preview Released

Salvation is one of the new TV shows hitting screens this summer. The CBS apocalyptic drama is about an MIT student, Liam Cole (Charlie Rowe), who discovers an asteroid is hurling toward Earth. Cole, along with several others, will try to save the planet. Meanwhile, the story will also unveil the “greatest conspiracy never told.” Spoiler TV posted a 14-minute preview of the series and it has a lot of people excited for the premiere date.

In addition to the extended preview, there was an interview in the latest issue of TV Guide with famed astronomer Phil Plait. He served as an asteroid consultant for the TV show. He explained that Earth has already gone through at least five mass extinction events and there is no reason to think it couldn’t happen again.

“Any sweaty, fevered dream you’ve ever had about the apocalypse doesn’t even come close to what might truly await us.”

The difference between Salvation and other apocalyptic TV shows is that the CBS series is based on fact, not fiction.

“It [nuking an asteroid, like in Armageddon] would only create a whole lot of smaller asteroids – now radioactive – that would still be headed toward Earth. Not to get too technical, but that would really suck.”

For some reason, the government officials in Salvation want to keep the asteroid a secret. Is this something that would really happen? Probably not, but that is where the “science” of the show balances with creating an addictive drama.

“That’s where Salvation differs from reality for the sake of good storytelling. There are many scientists working outside of NASA – in the U.S and around the world – who would be able to spot an asteroid coming our way. Take it from me, the problem is not getting us astronomers to talk. The problem is getting us to shut up.”

As shown in the 14-minute extended preview, Liam Cole stumbles across something in space that was not there three months ago. He rushes to his professor’s house in the middle of the night, who isn’t too excited to be woken up. However, after getting Cole to leave, he does look at the data and is shocked. He places an important phone call, but the next morning, he vanishes. He never shows up to class and Liam finds his home trashed. Then, he notices a mysterious black vehicle with dark tinted windows watching him. A chase begins, but Cole is able to get away and informs tech billionaire Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera) in an elevator that they are all going to die if the asteroid is not stopped.


If the preview is any indication, Salvation on CBS is definitely a must-see TV show.


What do you think of Salvation based on the description, preview clips, and interviews? Will you be tuning into CBS to watch this apocalyptic drama on July 12?

[Featured Image by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures]