‘BB19’ Spoilers: Paul Is The New HOH And The Man With A Plan

BB19 fans know Paul Abrahamian. The returning vet was a force to be reckoned with in Big Brother 18 and has already managed to show the Big Brother houseguests that he has the moves to get out of a tight spot this year. Whether you are on Team Paul or not, you have to admit he has gotten your attention.

Last night, Paul took the title of Head of Household, but it was a team effort. With Christmas limited in her ability to compete, she was a great help to Paul. She collected and held his tickets to make sure he just had to get in the line and take his best shot. This led to him being the first to sink the ball in the required spot. Even though the key hangs around his neck, Paul is playing for his alliance.

As Paul’s reign of power continues this week, Big Brother fans can expect more of the same. Paul is known for not being afraid to make bold moves and effectively dealing with the consequences after the fact. This week, he has supporters on his side and will not be the only one pulling the puppet strings of those not in his trusted fold.

Obviously, Cody is the one that Paul has his sights on this week. Cody betrayed Paul when he attempted to backdoor him, and the battle lines were drawn, so no new information there. The plan, however, does get complicated.

According to Jokers Updates, Paul is out to convince both Josh and Alex that they are each a pawn, simply placed on the block until the Veto Ceremony. With Alex on Team Cody and Josh on Team Josh, Paul has to work that magic he is so known for. Christmas will carry her weight by convincing Ramses that this is the best time ever to self-nominate as his curse requires. They are hoping to have Cody in the hot seat next Thursday night. If it works out that way, Cody would be evicted over anyone else at this point in the vote-counting.



As all fans of Big Brother know, this game changes on a dime. A plan can look fantastic today and be blown to bits tomorrow. Make sure to check back with the Inquisitr often for the latest information on Paul’s plan this week.

Do you think Paul will pull a power play this week as the HOH in the Big Brother house? Are you hoping Cody finds a way to get the attention off of him and onto another houseguest? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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