‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: HoH Paul Targets Cody, Josh & Alex Set As Pawns – ‘BB19’ Live Feeds Update

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds overnight reveal bombshell tensions in the house that began right after eviction and continued into the wee hours of the morning. Here’s a look at who Week 2 Head of Household Paul is targeting for the next BB19 eviction and where the battle lines were drawn in the Big Brother house.

Jessica attacks Christmas post-eviction

We saw on last night’s Big Brother eviction episode that as soon as Jillian left in a blindside eviction that stunned her, Cody, and Jessica, the aggression ratcheted up right away. In most seasons, the post-eviction moment is a bit quiet and mournful, but not last night. Jessica immediately went to Christmas and verbally assaulted her.

HoH candy competition leaves Cody crushed

The Candy Crush HoH comp was designed to be an endurance comp, but it only took Paul 20 minutes to crush the competition and Cody’s hope for safety in Week 2 of BB19. Cody refused to engage during the HoH competition and stood arms crossed and glaring for the duration. When Paul won, Cody’s glare intensified while Paul’s allies cheered him on and lifted him into the air in victory.


After the HoH comp, Cody harasses Josh

On the CBS All Access live feeds last night, BB19 fans saw spectacular Big Brother 19 spoilers for next week. Josh tried to talk to Cody but got screamed at for his trouble. Jessica piled on also, and these verbal assaults left Josh in tears. Jason, Raven, and Kevin cheered Josh up and told him not to let Cody and Jessica hassle him into self-evicting.

Final Two partners Kevin and Paul scheme

With the rest of the house oblivious to their deal, Kevin and Paul reiterated their final two scheme. Paul alerted his allies that he would put Matthew and Raven on the block as pawns with a master plan to backdoor Cody by keeping him out of the PoV competition. But then no one wanted to be a pawn, and Kevin got upset and blabbed the plan to the other side of the house.


Nomination plans scrapped and reformed

Paul and Kevin smoothed things over late into the night and the latest iteration of the plan was to use Josh and Alex as pawns to backdoor Cody. The big wrinkle will come if Alex and Josh reveal to each other that Paul promised both of them that if he won the Power of Veto, he would use it on them. Paul can’t save them both and only intends to save Alex, so this might blow up in his face on PoV day.

Cody remains the target, but the pawn situation is fluid

The chief concern of Paul’s allies, according to Big Brother Network, is that the PoV drawing would pull up Cody’s name. If Cody won, he would not use the Veto, and that would leave both pawns on the block and Cody safe. There’s also Ramses’ curse to consider since he’s got to throw himself into the nomination mix as a third. Ramses plans to nominate himself this week.


As of last night, Cody was the prime target for eviction. But if Cody’s name is drawn and he wins PoV, Josh would be an acceptable eviction target to save Alex. Josh is a solid secondary target since Jessica and Cody would vote to evict Josh over Alex. Jessica doesn’t care for Alex but dislikes Josh more. Plus, Cody has a strange obsession with Alex and would vote to keep her.

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[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]