Trump-Putin Handshake: Trump Smiles, Pats Putin On The Back And Taps Putin’s Arm Three Times [Video]

The long-awaited handshake between President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin has happened. As seen in the attached photo from the German Government Press Office, Trump and Putin shook hands at the beginning of the G20 summit on Friday, July 7. The Trump-Putin handshake was a casual greeting between the two leaders prior to an anticipated meeting between Trump and Putin that should take place later in the day with approximately six people in the room. As seen in the below video, Trump and Putin appeared to greet each other warmly, and shook hands without the controversy that surrounded Trump’s missed handshake with First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda of Poland, as reported by the Inquisitr.

After the Trump-Putin handshake, the President of the U.S. could be seen patting Putin on the back, as the President of Russia returned smiles to Trump. The Trump-Putin handshake has caused the names Trump and Putin to become a trending Twitter item as the two leaders met in Hamburg, Germany, for the first time. Trump and Putin are members of the G20 group of nations scheduled to meet from July 7 through July 8 to discuss major topics, including climate change and migration issues.

As reported by the Daily Dot, the Trump-Putin handshake was so pivotal that Angela Merkel’s Facebook page uploaded a video of Trump and Putin shaking hands, as seen in the below video.

According to Google Trends, the Trump-Putin handshake has become a popular term in the wake of the world leaders filmed on camera shaking hands, and Putin receiving back pats and arm taps from Trump.

In the wake of the popular handshake between Trump and Putin, the next question on the minds of inquiring people following the relationship between the two leaders on social media is how Trump and Putin will get along during their pivotal meeting and afterward.


On the “Real Donald Trump” Instagram account, the below photo of President Trump shaking hands with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was uploaded.

Also uploaded to Trump’s Instagram account was a photo of Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A photo of Trump and Merkel shaking hands was also uploaded to the Trump Instagram account.

As of this writing, the Trump Instagram account has not uploaded a photo of the Trump-Putin handshake.

[Featured Image by Steffen Kugler/BPA/Getty Images]