‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: New HOH Nominations, Power Shift In ‘BB19’ House

Big Brother 19 spoilers may now reveal the new HOH nominations. The BB19 house has a new person in charge, with Paul Abrahamian winning the latest Head of Household competition. The Week 2 nominations were discussed late Thursday night (July 6) and into Friday morning (July 7) on the CBS live feeds, with Paul trying to craft the Nomination Ceremony to his liking.

It has become very clear that Paul Abrahamian wants to get Cody Nickson out of the BB19 house as soon as possible. It was noted in previous Big Brother 19 spoilers that when Cody nominated Paul for eviction, that it completely turned the tables on their alliance. Now Paul wants to put an end to the Cody and Jessica Graf showmance, but he is eliciting the help of other houseguests to make it possible.

As of roughly 1:30 a.m. PT in the Big Brother house, Paul Abrahamian wants Alex Ow to be up on the block next to either Josh Martinez or Ramses Soto. This has been confirmed in a report by fan site Joker’s Updates. Paul is secretly trying to convince Alex to go up on the block as the pawn, all with the promise that Paul will take her down if he wins the Power of Veto this week. The real target would be Cody, who Paul feels can be backdoored very easily this week.

So can Paul Abrahamian pull off his magic and create a Veto Competition to his liking? Alex Ow is playing along for now, but fans should never be surprised if something shifts before the Nomination Ceremony actually take place on Friday. Earlier in the night, Paul was asking roughly the same thing of Kevin Schlehuber, who has been complaining about that request on the live feeds for the past few hours. Several other houseguests don’t understand why Paul might want to possibly put up two of his own alliance members as pawns.

These Big Brother 19 spoilers shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone who has been paying attention to the live feeds. Paul Abrahamian is definitely gunning for the showmance of Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf because he feels they cannot be trusted in the game. Paul still has two more weeks of guaranteed safety due to the Pendant of Protection, so he can afford to make enemies this week and escape getting nominated at the Week 3 Nomination Ceremony.

The BB19 house is going to be in for a lot of excitement this week, especially if Cody Nickson doesn’t figure out that he is about to become a backdoor target. This would be the smart move by Paul because he knows that if the nominees are Alex Ow and Josh Martinez, that both houseguests would take themselves off the block if they won the Power of Veto. That would clear the way for Paul to nominate Cody and for the rest of the house to send him packing.

Since there are still a few hours before the Week 2 nominations have to be announced, it gives Paul more time to switch up who he will be putting on the block. No matter what, it appears he is intent on keeping Cody and Jessica off the block so that they cannot play in the Veto Competition unless they are randomly drawn. That would certainly throw a wrench in his plans. These are the up-to-the-minute Big Brother 19 spoilers as the houseguests head to bed.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]