‘BB19’ Spoilers: Who Won HOH Tonight (July 6)

BB19 spoilers reveal that an endurance competition will decide the new Head of Household. These Big Brother 19 spoilers about the new HOH will be announced in this report as they come out on the CBS live feeds. Fans can check in here to find out updates on how the competition is working and who has taken over the power in the BB19 house.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jillian Parker just got evicted by an 8-4 vote over Christmas Abbott. It was a much more one-sided vote than Jillian had expected and she was very shocked when she was interviewed by host Julie Chen after the show. Many fans who have only been getting their information from the show may also come away feeling that this Eviction Ceremony was shocking.

The episode came to an end without a new Head of Household being crowned, with Julie Chen then announcing that things were going to play out on the live feeds. This will provide a number of Big Brother 19 spoilers in the late evening hours, including who the new HOH plans on targeting with their two nominees. It’s going to be an exciting evening for fans of the show, especially since the competition is on the live feeds.

Just to recap the July 6 eviction vote, Kevin, Matthew, Raven, Paul, Dominique, Elena, Josh, and Mark voted to evict Jillian Parker. They clearly were not pleased with what Cody Nickson was doing as the Head of Household and this vote sends a very strong message to the other side of the BB19 house. It was just Jessica, Jason, Ramses, and Alex who voted to evict Christmas Abbott. Now Christmas really knows who she can trust in the house, especially since Jessica told her why she voted against her as the episode came to a close.

Check back on this article as the evening progresses, as updates on the July 6 endurance competition will be posted for consumption. It’s an extremely important HOH competition because it will dictate which side of the BB19 house has the power for the next week or so. It also raises the importance of the coming Big Brother 19 spoilers.

The object of the competition is to roll a ball into a hole in the backyard, but it is in a tricky location. In order to get the balls, houseguests must find tickets inside candies dropped from above. That makes it much tougher.

Paul Abrahamian has already found several tickets, but he missed on each throw. Jason Dent and Alex Ow also missed during attempts. Jason Dent also came very close to winning it.

Now Paul Abrahamian gets to name two people he wants to nominate for eviction. That brings an end to this presentation of BB19 spoilers from Thursday night, with Paul taking over control of the game.

*Updated 7:49 p.m. PT

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