Jana Duggar Chaperones Family Zoo Day With Jill And Derick Dillard As Courting Rumors Die Down

Jana Duggar is the only Duggar girl over the age of 18 who has not been married off in the family. Most recently, Joy-Anna, who is 19-years-old, got married to Austin Forsyth, leaving Jana alone at home to entertain herself with much younger siblings. Earlier this year, a courting rumor sparked people’s interest in Jana’s life, but that turned out to be just a rumor. Since then, Jana has been living a quiet life, tending to her garden and family.

Yesterday, Duggar uploaded pictures from a recent zoo outing that the family went on. It was to no fan’s surprise to see Jana included in the mix, as she chaperoned her younger siblings. Older sister Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, was there with his son, Israel. In past events, Jana had to work at these family outings, making sure that her siblings do not wander off. But the picture uploaded shows Jana taking it easy, watching animals in their habitats with her family.

It was recently discovered that Jana, when not spending time with her family, tends to her garden. Her mother posted a picture, which got the followers talking about how talented and dedicated the 27-year-old Duggar is.

One fan in particular noted how she hoped to see things like this, not related to courting, getting engaged and having babies, as a part of the family’s show, Jill & Jessa Counting On.

“I wish TLC would start showing some snippets of this kind of thing, instead of asking her silly little tidbits about who her siblings are dating, or who is going to have a baby next,” Lee Greene Terry commented. “There is a lot of work that goes into this garden. If they would follow it through the whole growing season, the producers could put together a real good show. I wonder if the fence is to keep an animal in, like a goat, or to keep animals out, like deer.”

While Jana has her garden as a way of taking time away from her family, it is not always easy for her to find solitude. When the Duggars posted a picture of Jana getting followed by her siblings as she went on a hike, the fans immediately started criticizing how her parents do not let her have her own life.

“The reason Jana isn’t married is this picture,” commented Vikki Green. “[S]he is in charge of raising the younger children. She isn’t allowed by Daddy. He also doesn’t allow the Duggar girls to get a college education. They are married off to make more children.”

The comment overly dramatizes how Duggars take responsibility of the young ones, but it is not too far away from the truth. Most of the pictures of Jana on Facebook is of her holding babies and doing household chores, not pursuing her own interests.

The last time she was embroiled in courting rumors was when Jonathan Hartono, a family friend, was seen bowling with Jim Bob Duggar. Fans thought that he was asking for permission to begin courting Jana, but he quickly clarified his position.

“Definitely did not have a 1 on 1 date with Mr. Duggar,” he wrote on Instagram. “It was a 1 versus 1 tiebreaker bowling game with everybody else watching LOL. And, no, not courting Jana haha God Bless y’all #stillsingle.”

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[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]