‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Bella Shocks Chelsea, Nick Confronts Victor, And Lily’s World Crumbles

The Young and the Restless spoilers hint more confrontations, secrets, and rash decisions. Brash & Sassy will continue dealing with the consequences of Cane’s (Daniel Goddard) actions, and more drama will unfold as more secrets are revealed. Meanwhile, Kevin’s (Greg Rikaart) plan to take Bella away from Genoa City to live happily with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) might go awry.

Brash And Sassy Drama

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) has no choice but to fire Cane. However, Cane will do his best to ask for a second chance. Unfortunately, the circumstances are beyond his control. Spoilers suggest that Cane will try to look for a way to get out of the mess he is in. This time, his career is not the only thing at risk; he might lose his family too. The Young and the Restless spoilers suggest that Cane is still hoping for a bit of redemption, and he dragged Juliet (Laur Allen) to the doctor’s office to take a paternity test. Hilary (Mishael Morgan) knows Juliet is pregnant, and keeping her knowledge about the baby could put her in big trouble too. Hilary’s secrets might be out in the open soon, and this will definitely land her in a difficult situation.

Spoilers for Monday’s episode of the Young and the Restless tease that Cane is going to tell Mattie (Lexie Stevenson) about losing his job at Brash & Sassy. Meanwhile, Victoria and Billy (Jason Thompson) will have a discussion about Lily (Christel Khalil). With the recent lawsuit and Juliet’s pregnancy, Lily’s world is surely crumbling down. While Victoria knows Lily is suffering, she can only offer an apology and a show of support.


Escape Plans

Kevin needs to make difficult decisions, and spoilers suggest he is intent on giving Bella a family complete with mommy and daddy. Hightailing his way to Genoa City and overcoming a major setback, Kevin only wants to whisk Bella away and disappear. Although making this decision is hard for him too, he can’t imagine a life without Bella or Chloe.

Kevin just announced his plans to move to Oregon with Bella. He claims he wants to raise the child away from Genoa City where they will not be haunted by the past. Esther (Kate Linder) and Michael (Christian LeBlanc) will ask him to think about it but he is intent on leaving.

Kevin did a great job in dodging questions, but the Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Bella might give the secret away. Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) will see Kevin with Bella at the park, and they will have a quick chat. Just when Kevin will mention it’s time they get going, Young and the Restless spoilers hint the little girl will stun the woman when she says something about visiting her mommy. Thinking Chloe is dead, Chelsea will be shocked to hear what Bella said.

Victor, Dr. Harris, and Kevin are the only ones who know Chloe is still alive. Chelsea might think Bella will just visit her mom’s grave. But with Kevin’s unusual behavior, this slip of the tongue could ruin the escape plan.

Nick Versus The Mustache

Friday’s episode of the Young and the Restless hints Nick is going to be suspicious of Nikki’s actions. Seeing how much Nikki is suffering, Nick wants her to cancel the concert. Nikki will try his best to reassure Nick but she won’t be able to convince him.


Spoilers tease Nick’s concern over Nikki will continue on Monday’s episode. The Young and the Restless spoilers suggest he is going to exchange heated words with Victor over the concert. Victor will command Nick to be at the concert and behave himself. Nick will be beside himself with rage, and he will point out that the concert is just Victor’s way to manipulate people. The Young and the Restless spoilers suggest that Nick will demand for the cancellation of the concert.


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