‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Got Evicted Tonight (July 6), Who Are Potential Nominees For Eviction?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from July 6 come from the latest episode of the show. This Big Brother recap is from the Thursday night eviction show, where another houseguest was sent packing. The newest episode of the show aired at 9 p.m. PT/ET, revealing not just who goes home from the BB19 house, but who might take over as the new Head of Household. Who got evicted tonight? Read below.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was also time for producers to reveal that one of the houseguests had been seriously injured. But first, the opening 20 minutes of the episode depicted what took place after the Veto Ceremony, where Cody Nickson first targeted Paul Abrahamian, and then Christmas Abbott for eviction. It turned Paul and Christmas against an alliance that could have won the game. Most of the alliance that Cody and Jessica Graf put together was also quite irritated.

After the second commercial break, some of the recent Big Brother 19 spoilers were confirmed, beginning with the broken foot of Christmas Abbott. While she was playing around in the backyard with Jason Dent, he dropped her, breaking her foot in two places. She had to visit the hospital for the injury and also had to go through a follow-up MRI that revealed the breaks. Now she has to compete for the rest of the season with a cast on her foot. That could be tough.

Who Goes Home Thursday Night?

The first “live” Eviction Ceremony of the season took place on July 6 between Jillian Parker and Christmas Abbott. It was a difficult vote for a lot of people in the BB19 house because these weren’t the two ladies they expected to see on the block.

Kevin, Matthew, Raven, Paul, Dominique, Elena, Josh, and Mark voted to evict Jillian Parker. Jessica, Jason, Ramses, and Alex voted to evict Christmas Abbott. This means that Jillian Parker joins Cameron Heard and Megan Lowder as the first three evicted houseguests of the 2017 summer season.

Who Is The New BB19 Head Of Household?

It’s an endurance challenge to decide who the new BB19 Head of Household is going to be, meaning the CBS live feeds will present a lot of footage for fans to enjoy during the overnight hours. Tune in later, as many Big Brother 19 spoilers are going to be revealed (live) as the competition plays out in front of subscribers.

Anyone wanting to learn about the latest BB19 spoilers from the HOH competition as they come out can click on this live report by the Inquisitr.

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