Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Latest News, Rumors, Leaks, Specifications, & Update: Can Consumers Trust These Leaks?

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With hundreds of rumors littered online regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, there is no denying that the interest in the Samsung phablet flagship remains high. However, people who have set their sights on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will have to wait until the official launch of the new Samsung phablet flagship and endure the numerous rumors and leaks circulating online.

And it will only get worse for fans from here on out since Samsung is not expected to launch the Galaxy Note 8 until this August. And as always, consumers must keep a sharp eye on features that seem too good to be true and dial down their trust setting to a minimum when confronting these rumors. For example, three months ago, Sam Mobile unveiled an image of an alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leak. In the image, a smartphone can be seen side-by-side with an S Pen. Since the S Pen has become a Note series staple, including the S Pen in the image gives credence that the item is the real thing. Still, the article suggests that it could have been faked.

And that’s only one leak out of hundreds being published each day. And as the Galaxy Note 8 nears its official launch date, more and more of these leaks are coming out. However, some of these rumors are bound to be true. Some of them are probably untrue and just want to create further interest for self-serving reasons or not. And some of these leaks and rumors can be trusted. While these reputable “trusted tech insiders” are no doubt very good at their jobs, some of them still get it wrong. So like this article suggests, consumers should dial down their trust settings before believing anything.

For example, BGR, citing one of the most reliable leakers in the industry, Evan Blass, unveiled what they termed as the final design of the Galaxy Note 8. The leaker, as per BGR, suggests that the new phablet flagship would sport a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display and an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also come with either the Exynos 8895 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, with 6GB of RAM. Also, The Galaxy Note 8 is supposed to come with dual 12-MP rear cameras, 3300 mAh battery, and new features for its S Pen.


These specs concur with the other rumors online. And the specs of the Galaxy Note 8, if these leaks are to be trusted, are the epitome of what a smartphone should be: powerful, quick, stylish, and versatile. These adjectives were the same ones used to describe the doomed Samsung Galaxy Note 7. So again, while these rumors and leaks could be spot on, there are still some questions lingering about the dependability of the devices. And following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, followers of the Samsung phablet series are expecting big things from the Galaxy Note 8, hence these leaks and rumors and the enhanced interest on the upcoming Samsung phablet flagship.

An alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 8. [sakitech/YouTube]Featured image credit: sakitechYouTube

However, another report suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could have a dual camera with 13MP sensors, 1.12-micron pixels, and f/2.0 aperture lenses. The sensors are said to be optimized for low light operation, while the two cameras are each set to different shooting aspects: for black and white shots and for colored images. This new information comes from the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, wherein Samsung divulged the details of the ISCOCELL image sensor technology. Samsung’s new tech is supposed to be the cutting edge of image sensor technology and would make its dual camera better than anything in existence. So it makes sense that Samsung would include it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 if only to erase the debacle that was the Galaxy Note 7.


Again, the interest in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is so high (and so is the hype) that these rumors and leaks are selling like hotcakes. In fact, some of these rumored features sound so logical that they might as well have come from the manufacturer itself, though the Korean tech giant would never confirm nor deny them.

Until Samsung finally launches the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, there is no way to confirm which rumors are confirmed and which rumors are debunked. These rumors and leaks would remain just that: rumors. And until the release, consumers, especially those who passed on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to pin their hopes on Samsung’s new phablet flagship, should take these rumored features, again, however logical it may sound, with a grain of salt.

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