Breastfeeding Texas Mom Stands Ground When Asked To Cover Up – Facebook Story Goes Viral

A mom from Texas named Kayla Martinez stood her ground when she encountered breastfeeding shaming while trying to enjoy an afternoon with her family at an indoor trampoline park called AirU. On July 3 – a day after the breastfeeding shaming incident occurred – the mom from Texas took to Facebook to share her experience with other people.

In just three days, Kayla’s Facebook post has gone viral with more than 2,200 shares, a little over 1,300 comments, and just shy of 5,000 reactions. In her Facebook post where Kayla boldly includes a picture of herself breastfeeding her baby, the Texas mom talks about the unbelievable experience.

According to Martinez, she was keeping a close eye on her 3-year-old daughter when her 8-month-old cued her readiness to nurse. Martinez kept one eye on her older daughter while breastfeeding her baby. What many believe should have been a peaceful moment between mother and baby was interrupted when a worker of AirU approached her to let her know that other individuals in the park had complained that she was exposing herself.

The Texas mother told Yahoo! Beauty she was just doing what any other mother would have done in the situation and feeding her hungry child. According to Kayla, the worker informed her that a private room could be provided for her to nurse her baby. Kayla, however, declined the offer as her 3-year-old was happily enjoying the park.

Even though Kayla wasn’t doing anything wrong, she did relocate to a less populated area of the park to finish breastfeeding her baby. She told Yahoo! Beauty she couldn’t believe the amount of shame she felt over doing something so natural.


Unfortunately for this mother from Texas who was simply trying to breastfeed her daughter, relocating was not enough to satisfy a woman who had originally lodged a complaint. Martinez revealed that the woman – who appeared to be in her 50s – went out of her way to verbally attack her. The woman insisted that Kayla was “sexually exposing” herself to her nephew and the other children in the park.

A mother breastfeeding her baby
A mother breastfeeding her baby [Image by Romanova Anna/Shutterstock]

When Kayla continued to stand her ground, the woman threatened to call the cops. This was the moment Kayla’s husband – who happened to be a police officer – stepped in to inform the woman that calling the cops was a waste of everyone’s time. This was because in the state of Texas, women have the legal right to feed their baby however and whenever they want.

According to Martinez, the woman eventually stopped causing a scene but complained to management for approximately another 20 or so minutes before finally giving up. Kayla ended up breaking down after the woman walked away as she wished women would be more supportive of other women.

A mom holding her baby on a nursing pillow
A mom holding her baby on a nursing pillow [Image by Joana Lopes/Shutterstock]

This Texas breastfeeding mom decided to share her story to thank the staff at AirU for being so supportive. She also shared it with the hopes of other mothers not having to go through what she experienced.

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[Featured Image by Evgeny Atamanenko/Shutterstock]