Animal Shelter Casts Doubt On Lena Dunham’s Tale About Lamby’s Aggressive Behavior

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Lena Dunham recently found herself questioned by fans, when Lamby, her recently adopted dog, was suddenly absent from her highly public life. Answering the inquiries, the Girls mastermind told fans that the animal was uncontrollable and needed more attention than she could provide to help him adjust to his new life. Now, a representative from BARC, the animal shelter from which Lamby was adopted, says Lena’s story is simply not true.

Lena Dunham Says Lamby Was A Problematic Pet From Day One

People reports that Lena Dunham felt compelled to make a public statement about Lamby, when the Girls writer was overrun with questions as to the pooch’s whereabouts. In an statement post, Lena revealed that she surrendered Lamby, after spending four years trying to train the dog and resolve his aggressive tendencies.

She added that keeping Lamby would require “consistent loving dog ownership,” a requirement that seems to have come as a surprise to the actress.

While Dunham may not have been prepared for the responsibilities associated with dog ownership, she did do one thing with Lamby’s best interests in mind. The Girls star found a home for Lamby with Dani Shay, someone experienced in dealing with dogs in need of special attention.

Today, Lena reveals that Lamby lives in a professional animal shelter, where Shay can provide him with one-on-one training. In addition to being a stage actress, Shay is trained in the care of rescue animals and in dealing with the trauma associated with such animals.

Hi, @lenadunham. Lamby says "Hello!" and "Boww, bow!!" to you, @jackantonoff, and the entire @Matt_THEZENDOG Team. Thank you Lena, for rescuing Lamby and being a dedicated parent/angel to him. I'm sure you know how much he loves and appreciates you. And yes, it's true, he does still drink from "the golden tap" now and then, but that's our weird little boy! He's working on it. 🙂 We practice everything he learned at #THEZENDOG, plus swimming and fetch, on a regular basis. Like you, I've hesitated to talk about my experiences with re-homing. I know firsthand how painful it is to let go of a pet, or to have to change course, especially after bonding and working so hard with them. When Ali and I decided to part ways, and she moved back to NY to be on Broadway, we had to consider what would be best for Honey, our sweet pit bull. We discussed options at great length. Even though it hurt to imagine someone else having Honey, we agreed that, for many reasons, she would be happiest and most supported if we found her a new home. We hoped it would be with someone we knew and trusted. Coincidentally and very luckily, my good friend @stefanie_paulette was looking to adopt a female pit (specifically!), around that time. Now Honey lives in Denver, where she frequents grassy fields with other big playful dogs. We got to be with her when she was healing from surgery, and helped her into the next chapter of her life. I guess what I'm saying is, it's a gift to care for an animal, at any capacity. They feel our hearts' intention to love them, even when changes are needed, and they love us back. They can often thrive in new homes, if the transition is executed thoughtfully and responsibly by everyone involved. So thanks again for sharing Lamby with me, and being his first home out of the shelter. He is loved, learning new things, and cracking me and my friends up all the time. I adore him. Love, Lamby's Other Parent, Dani

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BARC Animal Shelter Denies Lena Dunham’s Claims: “It Wasn’t Crazy”

Meanwhile, Yahoo reports that BARC Animal Shelter is stepping up in Lamby’s behalf, asserting that the dog was a loving and friendly animal when Dunham adopted him. In fact, Robert Vazquez, a rep for the shelter, says there was no history of abuse in Lamby’s past. While Lena asserts that Lamby had “multiple owners that abused the dog,” BARC records for Lamby indicate the dog was owner surrendered by a single family.

“When she adopted the dog from us, it wasn’t crazy,” Vazquez adds in defense of Lamby. “I have pictures of the dog loving on Lena and her mom, which is weird if the dog was abused. It wouldn’t be cuddling with her or be in the bed with her ‘boyfriend’ in the pages of Vogue.”

The 2014 Vogue spread to which the BARC rep refers involved Ms. Dunham and Adam Driver in a collection of pictures taken in Lena’s home and on the streets of New York. In many of them, Lamby is also present, appearing happy and well adjusted, as if he had been trained for modeling work.

you took my heart and my keys and my patience

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Vazquez adds that he was present for four of the times Dunham visited Lamby, prior to his adoption, and says the shelter would have informed Lena of any behavioral problems in advance. He also points out that BARC is a no-kill shelter, so they have no reason to lie about any of their dogs to secure adoption.

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