Ronda Rousey Tracks Down Culprits Who Robbed Her House And Became Squatters

Ronda Rousey had one wish after tracking down the two punks who not only robbed her house, but they had actually made themselves at home as squatters in her house for a few days. That one wish was to get five minutes alone with the culprits so she could dole out punishment for their crimes. Even when she first laid eyes on the duo, she did the right thing and waited for the police to grab them.

Rousey and her boyfriend were headed to New Zealand when she stopped at her Venice Beach, California, home to pick up a few things before heading out to the airport. It was then Rousey discovered she’d not only been robbed, but someone had been living in her house and sleeping in her bed for at least a few days by the look of things.

Whoever it was had ransacked her house, stole what she called her “precious jewelry, credit cards, and a bunch of headphones.” Those jewelry items she considered “precious” included her Olympic rings. Her guns were also missing in the robbery.

Rousey told her story this week on Live With Kelly and Ryan, saying that you just don’t realize right away what you are missing in an event like that until you go to get something and it’s gone. According to the New York Daily News, Rousey was with her then-boyfriend, Travis Browne, who became her fiance on that New Zealand trip they were about to take.

The two of them watched the footage from the home’s security camera and they could see that there were two culprits involved. They were unknown to Rousey, but they had skateboards with them when caught on camera, so that was a big clue for the UFC star. They walked across the street to a skate park and low and behold, there were the squatters and robbers they’d seen on camera.


Rousey and Browne got lucky, when they made their way into the skate park, they were able to find them right away. Rousey, whose fighting skills speak for themselves, and Browne, is a towering six-foot, seven-inches. Rousey said they were smart enough to realize that going after these culprits right there in the skatepark could leave them wide open for a lawsuit.

Rousey said Browne was able to flag down the police and they caught the man and the woman, but Rousey wished their sentence would have been five minutes with her. She did say that a sentence such as that would be deemed “cruel and unusual punishment.”


She’s not just a run-of-the-mill fighter, Rousey is ranked the No. 4 bantamweight fighter in the world. She hasn’t gone back into the ring since losing at UFC 207 in December to Amanda Nunes. So who are the woman and man, who not only allegedly robbed her of some of her most prized possessions, but slept in her bed and lived for three days like squatters in her home?

According to TMZ, the alleged culprits in the April robbery of Rousey’s home are 21-year-old Zhamila Bolat and 20-year-old Alim Young. One is no stranger to breaking the law, as Young has already done prison time for grand theft and petty larceny charges.

TMZ reports that they are unsure what Bolat does for a living, but she does post a lot of selfies online. Young is an “avid skateboarder,” who has been in trouble with the law int the past. While both were arrested for burglary, neither of the duo have been formally charged as of yet, reports TMZ.

[Featured Image by Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP Images]