‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 4 Update: What Fans Can Expect When The Show Airs

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 begins next month after a close call in being canceled. It didn’t look good for a while with an investigation engulfing the franchise over misconduct allegations that involved Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. After a tumultuous spate of rumors, cast interviews, and reports amid the probe, it was decided that the show must go on. The cast was sent back to film the show in Sayulita, Mexico.

What does this mean for the new season of BiP and will it impact the natural flow of things versus the past three seasons?

Reality Steve briefed fans in an update on Bachelor in Paradise in his “Reader Emails” about what they can expect when Season 4 airs in August. Steve didn’t have any solid information on spoilers for the summer program quite yet, but gave his assessment of what viewers are likely to see. For starters, The Bachelor spin-off may premiere one week behind schedule on Tuesday, August 14, instead of Tuesday, August 8. Since production was halted for two weeks, there might be one less episode.

Steve added that there was only 14 days of filming compared to the 18 days in the previous seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. He doubts it’ll impact the time it took couples to get together despite the fact that it was just four days shorter. Three episodes were filmed before production stopped and the remaining 11 were shot afterwards. Everything was wrapped up on July 4.

How many engagements will there be in Season 4? Reality Steve wrote in a new post Thursday that he guarantees at least one engagement will take place — possibly two. He inserted that people will “be surprised.” He’s working on spoilers, but has to get all of the pieces together before releasing the details.

There won’t be as many as last season, however. He did reveal that some of the BiP contestants were expressing an interest in an engagement by the end.

How will producers handle the situation with Corinne and DeMario? At some point it’s sure to be addressed, but whether that’ll be on the premiere episode is unknown. Steve suspects the show will attract a larger than normal audience during the premiere to see how the scandal was dealt with. According to Variety, the show has hours of footage to edit and a source says it’s hard to tell right now “how in depth [the season] will get with the situation,” but the show will “definitely address there was a stop-down, and how things will move going forward.”

ABC will probably update fans on the premiere date of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 within a few weeks. They’ll either confirm the original date or announce a new premiere date.

[Featured Image by Natalia Efremoza/Shutterstock]