Photo Of Jacob Roloff And His Girlfriend Has ‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Buzzing About Marriage

Jacob Roloff is sharing his deep love for his girlfriend with his faithful fans.

Jacob Roloff, 20, left the world of reality TV two years ago, but many Little People, Big World viewers haven’t lost interest in the youngest Roloff son. He has over 150,000 Instagram followers, and he uses the social media platform to keep fans of his famous family up-to-date on what’s going on in his life. However, now he’s doing it on his own terms.

Even though Jacob didn’t like being followed around by the Little People, Big World camera crew, he’s comfortable sharing some pretty intimate moments with his fans. As In Touch Weekly reports, he recently took to Instagram to gush about how in love he is with his girlfriend, 21-year-old Isabel “Izzy” Rock. The two free spirits embarked on an adventurous road trip back in May, and they spent a month taking in the beautiful vistas of national parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite. They’re back in Oregon now, but the lovebirds clearly haven’t grown tired of the great outdoors. In Jacob’s Instagram snapshot, Izzy is sitting on an old wooden bench in front of a campfire. The photo was taken at Roloff Farms.

“Seriously dig this girl. Life with her is a gift,” he captioned the image.

Some fans responded to Jacob Roloff’s sweet sentiments by telling him that he should propose to Izzy.

“When are you going to marry her?” wrote one of his Instagram followers.

“Well then I guess you had better put a ring on that gift of a finger,” another commented. “After all she is very beautiful, talented, artistic & a gift to you from God!!”

However, others begged him not to rush into getting married because they think he’s too young to settle down.

“Don’t let anyone pressure you into marriage. When the time is right, and you’ll know it’s right, you will make Izzy yours for life!”

When they aren’t cuddling up beside campfires together and traveling across the country with their two dogs, Jacob Roloff and Izzy Rock enjoy pursuing intellectual and artistic endeavors. Jacob recently published a short booklet titled Verbing, and it offers fans some insight into his thoughts and feelings about growing up as a reality show star. He also writes about how he has grown “spiritually, intellectually, and in the public eye” since leaving Little People, Big World.

Jacob has another creative outlet for his writing, the Rock & Roloff website that he and Izzy have created. Izzy also uses it to showcase some of her artwork.

“My intention is to share through art, writing and video, the beauty I find in everything around me. I crave to share the story of how art saved my life,” she writes on the website.

Do you think Jacob Roloff and Izzy Rock make a good match?

[Featured Image by Jacob Roloff/Instagram]