Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future In Doubt, Will He Sign New Deal With WWE After ‘WrestleMania 34?’

Brock Lesnar has been the WWE Universal Champion since WrestleMania 33. Over the past few months, a rumor has been circulating that Lesnar will hold the title until the grandest stage of them all next year in New Orleans. However, his first title defense against Samoa Joe at WWE Great Balls of Fire this Sunday and a rumored match with Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam could cut his Universal Title reign short.

WWE officials have some decisions to make over the rest of the summer regarding Brock Lesnar’s title reign because a title change will drastically alter how he’s booked over the rest of the year and into WrestleMania 34. Lesnar’s booking through next April is going to be really important because his current WWE deal is set to expire after the grandest stage of them all next year. WWE officials need to give him a reason to re-sign.

The WWE Universe may not be pleased with Brock Lesnar’s schedule as the WWE Universal Champion, but that criticism will diminish if he drops the title over the next couple of months. There is a lot of speculation already about what Brock Lesnar will do after WrestleMania 34. On paper, he could re-sign with WWE, or he could leave the company with more than enough money to last him and his family for the rest of their lives.

Brock Lesnar Wont Be At Payback This Month
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As of this writing, it’s unclear where Brock Lesnar is with WWE officials in terms of negotiating a new deal, but the Beast Incarnate leaving the company could be a real possibility. There is no doubt that Lesnar is financially set for the rest of his life and doesn’t need to work with WWE any longer. However, there is still a very good chance that Brock will sign another contract with WWE before WrestleMania 34 next year.

Brock Lesnar Wont Be Doing Anything Specific On Raw
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The fact of the matter is that Brock Lesnar has the most unique and profitable contract in WWE, which also lets him perform on a part-time basis. There is no denying his star power or the intensity he brings to a feud. It’s worked for five years now, but it’s very unlikely that Lesnar would want to walk away from such a lucrative contract with WWE. The only reason why he would leave now is that he’s no longer interested in the money.

Until something big changes, there is no reason for the WWE Universe to believe that Brock Lesnar is done with WWE after WrestleMania 34. If Lesnar vs. Reigns does happen at WWE SummerSlam, it will be really interesting to see how WWE officials book him for the rest of 2017. No matter what happens over the rest of the summer, WWE fans should expect huge things from The Beast Incarnate whenever he’s in a WWE ring.

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