Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Getting Hitched? These Comments Might Hint At Marriage

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have fallen head over heels for each other, and it looks like things might be moving towards marriage now.

They have been quite vocal about how well they are getting along, and Jennifer Lopez went on to say that she feels very “lucky.” Both have children, and it looks like they may have their future in mind.

“The kids are all great,” Lopez told Extra.

“He has two beautiful girls, I have my beautiful twins and we just all get along great,” People magazine reported.

It’s clear that if the two have to live with each other, they’d have to make sure their kids get along. But it’s not just about the subtle hints the two have been dropping. E! Online previously reported that Jennifer and Alex see a future together.

“J.Lo and A-Rod are getting very serious and talking marriage. J.Lo wants a future with A-Rod,” said the source.

However, it wasn’t initially great. Jennifer Lopez was only looking to having a good time with A-Rod, but as they progressed into the relationship, things got better.

It’s been said that their children have helped bring them together. Jennifer Lopez has two kids, Max and Emme, from her marriage to Marc Anthony, and Alex Rodriguez is a father to two daughters, Ella and Natasha. It’s been said that the two are an “A-list match made in heaven.” And what’s perfect is that their families are getting along really well.

When she was asked by E! News about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, she said they are unlikely to be affected by the kind of pressure everyone puts on such a public relationship.

Before getting into a relationship with Alex Rodriguez, she was in a whirlwind romance with Drake. However, she wasn’t very sure about it given that the age gap between them was a bit too much. Sources claimed that she was Drake’s childhood crush.

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The relationship was nothing more than a roller-coaster ride, and it came to an end pretty fast. The two also had similar tastes in music and shared interests, but unfortunately, they could not stay together.

Jennifer Lopez A Rod
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. [Image by Neilson Barnard / Getty Images]

It sure seems that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have gotten it right so far. But will their relationship last, and will they get married? Only time will tell. What are your thoughts on Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship? Please comment in the space below.

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