July 6, 2016
The Center Gets 'ARK: Survival Evolved' Redwood Update End Of July On PC, Later For Xbox One

ARK: Survival Evolved now hosts the Redwood biome and Titanosaur for The island map on both the PC and Xbox One. The popular The Center map is still waiting in the wings, however, as developer Ben Burkart officially announced a release date Wednesday.

The Center map (guide) will receive the Redwood biome on the PC as part of the 245.0 patch planned for July 28, per a Twitter post from Burkart (aka EvilMrFrank). It's important to remember this is just an estimated release date, and Studio Wildcard could release it slightly later as it has done in the past. This is the update that also marks the official release of Primitive Plus.

Burkart later confirmed to us that the PC version of ARK: Survival Evolved will receive the update first, followed by the Xbox One.
This is not surprising as most of the updates to ARK: Survival Evolved have hit the PC edition followed by the Xbox One a week or two later. However, The Center map was previously released at the same time on both platforms, so there was hope the same would occur with the update.

In addition to adding the Redwood biome to The Center, this update will also bring the Titanosaur (guide) to the map. The gigantic sauropod calls the Redwoods its home, so it is not currently available on the map.

The changes to The Center are not just limited to the Redwoods, however. Burkart has added new caverns for ARK Survivors to explore. He also confirmed via Twitter the update will fix "dino spawns, adds more ocean, fixes hundreds of issues around the map and more!" The dino spawn fixes include the spawns for the Mosasaurus and Alpha Mosasaurus in the water. Humorously, the map creator says he added a deep ocean trench which will require the help of a certain fish to see in.

As previously covered, this is the largest and "most ambitious" biome Burkart has made yet. It is an all new island that will be added to the south of the existing Jungle South island and runs from almost the eastern edge of the map, past Skull Island and the Tropical South island, all the way to the waterfalls that go off the edge of the west side of the world by the Snow South biome. The existing map for The Center has been extended by 100 percent to accommodate the new land mass, which Burkart says is about 10 times bigger than players will expect.

A land bridge connecting the South Snow biome to the Redwood Island does exist and can be seen in the image at the top of this article. This bridge is past the location of the waterfalls that go off the edge of the world. It extends directly south before cutting east towards Redwood Island. Those Survivors already scheming to block the land bridge should know Burkart stated it is possible, but would take "a ton of behemoth gates." Watching the development of the bridge, and the entire addition to the ARK map, on the developer's Twitch stream has been impressive and the bridge is but one of many centerpieces.

ARK: Survival Evolved (PC, Xbox One)
The Center's Redwood Biome at night. [Image via Studio Wildcard]A new boss arena also added to the top of the gigantic cliffs that mark the end of the southern section of the ARK: Survival Evolved map. The arena is actually above the world, and players will only be able to reach it via teleportation using one of the three Obelisks on The Center. The monstrous cliffs actually tower past the top of the world boundary, so you can't reach them otherwise. A glowing and wavy barrier awaits to block the progress of those that attempt to fly to the top of the mountains in the Redwood Biome.

Are you looking forward to the release of the Redwood Biome and Titanosaur to The Center? Sound off in the comments below.

ARK: Survival Evolved (PC, Xbox One)
A hazy view along the coast of the The Center's Redwood Biome. [Image via Studio Wildcard][Image via Studio Wildcard]