Kate Middleton Reportedly Devastated: Topless Pictures ‘Completely Traumatized’ Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton is reportedly devastated after French court has postponed the leaked topless pictures case. Duchess of Cambridge’s topless pictures has “completely traumatized” her and Prince William, as alleged by recent reports.

It is reported recently that a court in Nanterre has postponed the ruling from July 4, 2017, until September. Kate Middleton and Prince William will have to wait for 2 more months to hear the verdict. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are seeking fines of €1.5 million for Kate Middleton’s topless pictures.

The postponed trial and topless pictures “has left the royal couple completely traumatized,” as reported by CDL. It added that Prince William tries to keep his personal life away from the media and that is why he hides his two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte from the public spotlight.

The reports further claimed that Kate Middleton wants the nightmare, caused due to the leaked topless pictures, to get over as soon as possible. It says that the Duchess wishes to concentrate on her family and wants to forget the “humiliation she endured throughout the years with these scandalous photos.” According to Daily Mail, Kate is frustrated and disappointed due to the postponement of the verdict.

“It’s a disappointment for Kate and Prince William but it’ll be far worse if they lose and face a large legal bill.”

Furthermore, the Siver Times reported that the royal couple was “shocked” after seeing the published pictures and the prosecutors have requested fines “very significant” for all defendants. The topless photos of Kate Middleton were not the first to rock the royal family. In 2011, old topless bikini shots of her sister Pippa Middleton were published, and in 2012, pictures of naked Prince Harry were leaked while he was in Las Vegas.

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In 2012, the royal couple was vacationing in the south of France and paparazzi took photos of a naked Kate Middleton sunbathing on the terrace of a private chateau in Provence owned by Viscount Linley, the Queen’s nephew, when they were photographed. Two French media outlets, including the magazine Closer, published the photos. The long-lens images were spread across the front and inside pages of Closer alongside an article about the pair with the headline, “Oh my God! The photos that will go around the world!”

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The intimate shots showed the Duchess of Cambridge topless and having suncream rubbed on her by Prince William. The royal couple launched legal proceedings as soon as the pictures were published. Six defendants are accused of breach of privacy of the royal couple.

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