Romney Advisor Hit In The Head During Live TV Interview [Video]

Glenn Hubbard was nearly clocked during a live interview on CNBC this morning.

The former Romney economic advisor was in the midst of discussing the fiscal cliff and the need to rein in entitlement spending with CNBC anchor Melissa Lee when a piece of the set, a sign of some sort, struck him in the head.

To his credit, Hubbard, the dean of Columbia University’s prestigious business school, continued the interview with aplomb as if nothing happened, reassuring the anchor that he was fine. “That’s what happens when you criticize the welfare state,” Hubbard quipped.

Back in October, The New York Times profiled Hubbard:

“Mr. Hubbard has helped to draft many of Mr. Romney’s economic and tax policies, and, at least implicitly, lent his imprimatur to others he did not conceive …

“During a stint as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers for President George W. Bush, from 2001 to 2003, Mr. Hubbard was known as the principal architect of the Bush tax cuts …

“Glenn Hubbard was an Eagle scout, a star of the chess team and a stellar student who graduated at the top of his class. He scored high enough on College Level Examination Program tests to enter the University of Central Florida with enough credits so he could graduate with two degrees in three years …

“Mr. Hubbard received his master’s and Ph.D. at Harvard and became a hugely productive scholar with a wide range of interests.”

It looks like retaining his composure during a live television interview despite being hit by a falling piece of the set can be added to his list of accomplishments.

Watch Glen Hubbard get hit with a piece of the set on CNBC: