Hillary Clinton Tweets ‘Run With It’ To GOP, Deemed ‘Savage’ Comeback

Hillary Clinton somehow knew what the Republican Party was up to on Twitter when she posted a response to one of the tweets seen on the GOP’s official Twitter account. The GOP’s Twitter account was teaming with criticism over Obamacare on Wednesday, with past clips of prominent members of the Democratic Party offered up in tweets admitting to the flaws in the Obamacare plan.

Along with the clips, a claim was made that the Democrats don’t have a fix for this plan. There’s no health care alternative in the wings when it comes to the Democrats, which was the message pulled from these clips that were part of the Republican tweets, according to Yahoo News.

The tweets asked Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and even Bill Clinton for their alternative plan for health care. One of the clips happened to feature Hillary from back in 2016 while she was on the campaign trail. This tweet also asked about an alternative health care plan, and unlike the others pointed out in these tweets, Hillary answered.

That clip had Hillary as a presidential candidate long before realizing she was running an ill-fated campaign. She was talking about the Affordable Care Act, which was eventually deemed Obamacare by the masses. Hillary admitted to the flaws in Obamacare.

The Boston Globe suggests that the GOP tried to troll Hillary on Twitter, but she fought back. It was the GOP’s official Twitter account that posted the tweets talking about the health care plan that Obama and the Democrats crafted and put into place. The Elite Daily refers to Hillary’s comeback tweet as “so savage.” They also suggest that “Hillary Rodham Clinton may not have won, but she sure ain’t beaten.”

Massive praise was sent Hillary’s way for the one tweet in response to the GOP stating, “Democrats refuse to bring anything to the table. Where’s THEIR plan?”


The GOP tweeted a few words along with that clip.

They said, “We’ve got to fix what’s broken. Where’s your plan, @HillaryClinton?”

And she answered.

Hillary was blunt, but she attempted to get her point across with a link to her website, where she has detailed her plan to fight high insurance premiums, fix the out-of-control drug prices, expand coverage of insurance, and more, according to CBS News.


Her tweet said, “Right here.”

She continued, “Includes radical provisions like how not to kick 23 mil ppl off their coverage. Feel free to run w/ it.”

Hillary has a plan that she expected to use after winning the election. Today, her plan sits idle, as it’s tucked within the pages of her website that was once going to be the go-to site for the president of the nation.

Since the Republican’s came right out and asked Hillary, she pointed the way. She then told them to “run with it.” The GOP even found a clip to use for the purpose of presenting Bill Clinton’s thoughts on Obamacare, which is seen below.


[Featured Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]