‘Shahs Of Sunset’ GG Regretted Marriage Immediately, Blames Impulsivity For Month Long Marriage To Shalom

Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi said she knew immediately that she had made a mistake in marrying husband Shalom Yeroushalmi and blamed her own impulsiveness. The two married in a small chapel, and GG says she knew she had made a mistake. GG claims that she routinely makes snap decisions and then pays the price later. With the new season of Shahs of Sunset about to start, GG is trying to get ahead of the story that once again makes it sound like she doesn’t live like an adult.

Just one month after Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi married Shalom Yeroushalmi, her agent released a statement that GG was seeking a divorce. Shalom had proposed in Times Square, and GG said yes, but soon she decided that she had made a mistake. GG is thought of by friends and family as being immature and selfish, and her short-lived marriage is not a shock to any of them. GG’s rep, Steve Honig, released a statement that verifies the mistake Golnesa made.

“During the past few weeks, certain facts have come to GG’s attention that have made her realize her marriage can no longer continue, and, in fact, should never have happened. She is hoping to end the relationship as amicably and respectfully as possible.”


While Shahs of Sunset star GG admits she was a willing participant, just hours later she knew that she had made a huge mistake. GG, 35, knew her family and friends were going to wonder what she was doing.

“I wanted to throw up. I was just thinking, ‘My dad’s going to kill me right now. And my mom is going to wake me up and then kill me again.'”

GG said that Shalom wanted her to be a traditional wife, and that was not what she wanted.

“Cater to him as my husband and get ready for getting pregnant and cooking and cleaning and taking care of my man. I’m typically more of the man in a relationship, so I will never do that, let alone put a ring on my finger for you and then start doing that. It’s not going to happen for me.”

GG and Shalom had been married just one month when GG filed for divorce.


There have been a lot of changes on Shahs of Sunset since the last time we saw our favorite Shahs. Mike Shouhed’s divorce from Jessica was made final, Golnesa has filed for divorce, and Asa Rahmati has had her first child with Jermaine Jackson, Jr. Asa announced to the world that baby Soltan was born in January, but Shahs of Sunset fans will get to see a pregnant Asa in the coming season.

“Lovers. We gave birth to our precious son on January 20th 2017. His name is Soltan Jackson and we are completely in Love with him.”


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Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed released a statement in support of Asa and Jermaine.

“I’m so excited, our little Shahs baby is here! I can’t wait to meet him. I’m sure he’s beautiful. He’s half Persian and half African American, so he’s going to look good.”

But while most Shahs of Sunset cast members were happy for Asa, 41, MJ, 45, expressed baby envy and thought she would have had a baby before Asa.

“Oh my God. I never in a million years thought that Asa was gonna get pregnant first.”

On the clip that teases the new season of Shahs of Sunset, MJ says “I want one” about the baby as if she is talking about a car or a purse.

Do you think that Shahs of Sunset star GG will learn to make better decisions after her quick marriage and divorce?

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