Stewart David Nozette Arrested For Spying

Stewart David Nozette, a Maryland scientist who previously worked for the White House and the US Defense Department has been arrested after attempting to pass along classified information to a person he believed was an Israeli spy.

Nozette was arrested in an FBI sting where an FBI officer posed as the Israeli agent. It is not alleged by the agency that the Government of Israel was involved in any wrong doing in the case.

The Justice Department affidavit said Nozette received a telephone call from an individual purporting to be an Israeli intelligence officer (an undercover FBI agent) September 3. Nozette met with the agent later that day then in a subsequent meeting discussed his willingness to work for Israeli intelligence. Nozette is alleged to have informed the agent that he had, in the past, held top security clearances and had access to U.S. satellite information, and that he would be willing to answer questions about this information in exchange for money. After several additional meetings, including information being exchanged for cash, the arrest was made.


Nozette previously worked for the Energy Department, The Defense Department , NASA and the National Space Council in the president’s office in 1989 and 1990.