Mother Massacres Husband And Her Four Children In Gwinnett County Home


A man and four children were found dead in a home in Gwinnett County. The horrifying crime was uncovered by law enforcers on Thursday morning, July 6.

A 911 call reporting a stabbing incident has brought the police to a Loganville home along Emory Lane. When they arrived at the address, the authorities were shocked to find bodies of dead people. In connection with the killings, a woman was arrested on the scene, WSBTV reported.

Gwinnett Police spokesperson, Cpl. Michele Pihera, said that they have not determined the exact ages of the children yet. The motive for the crime is still unknown as well.

It was revealed that a fifth child survived the attack, but she sustained serious injuries. She was brought to the hospital, and the police are hoping she will fully recover soon.

The shocking thing is that the arrested woman is the children’s own mother and apparently, the wife of the dead man. The neighbors told news outlets that the family is quite new in the area. They were originally from Chicago and moved to Georgia not long ago.

In any case, although the ages of the kids have not been specified yet, it was reported that the oldest appeared to be 10 years old. On the other hand, the father of the kids was estimated to be in his mid-30s, CNN reported.

As to why the mother could have done such horrendous act to her own family, a nearby resident said that she was probably depressed because her father died nearly three weeks ago, and she could not go to Mexico to see him. Then again, this is just the opinion of the neighbors, and there could be a deeper reason for the crime.

Meanwhile, people in the vicinity also think that the woman’s family may have already been dead for 24 hours before the police were contacted.

Investigators have secured the needed search warrant to scour the family’s residence. They are also interviewing neighbors and possible witnesses to gather more information relating to the crime.

Nevertheless, Cpl. Michele Pihera stated that the Gwinnett Police believe they already have all the people involved in the heinous crime. No other details were released.

Update: The suspect has been identified as Isabelle Martinez.

[Featured Image by Gwinnett Police Dept./Twitter]