Madonna Criticized For Topless Fourth Of July Pic: ‘Put Some Clothes On’

Legendary pop icon Madonna is currently in hot water after posting a racy photo of herself wearing nothing but an American flag draped around her waist as she celebrates Fourth of July.

On Tuesday, the “Material Girl” singer took to Twitter and greeted her 1.62 million followers with a sexy Fourth of July photo.

The 58-year-old singer confidently made an almost naked display of patriotism as she posed topless with only an American flag covering the lower part of her body.

Madonna captioned the photograph with “AMERICA!!!” and “Happy 4th” along with several American flags and heart emojis.

However, not everyone seemed to be impressed with Madonna’s supposed patriotic gesture. The “Crazy For You” songstress was bombarded with negative comments and criticism, pointing out her “inappropriate” post.

Some described Madonna’s Fourth of July photo as “gross” and “overrated,” while others urged the superstar to “put some clothes on.” One user even criticized the technical aspect of the post, pointing out that the image has “way too much exposure and saturation.”

Madonna performs during the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show.
[Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]

While a number of fans were not pleased with Madonna’s Fourth of July photo, others were quick to express their enthusiasm over the post. Avid fans of the singer commended her sentiment, calling her “queen” and “the real president of the United States.”

Some even admired Madonna’s toned body despite her age.

It remains unclear when the photo was taken, but one user noted that the image appears to have been taken during Madonna’s filming of her 1990 PSA for MTV’s “Rock The Vote.”

This is not the first time Madonna shared racy photos of herself. It can be recalled that the “Like a Virgin” singer has posed naked for different reasons, including political statements.

In September of 2016, Madonna took to Twitter and posted a naked picture of herself to show her support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The singer has been very vocal in her support of the presidential candidate at that time, claiming that she “votes for intelligence” and “equal rights for women and all minorities.”


Shortly after Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential elections, Madonna also shared a photo of a Nike symbol shaved into a woman’s pubic hair.

Apparently, the singer wanted to promote the anti-Trump Women’s March in Washington. It remains unclear though whether the woman in the picture was her.

So far, Madonna has yet to comment on the criticisms over her racy Fourth of July photo.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]