Matt Damon Impersonates Clinton, Liberal Star Does A Good Bubba

Matt Damon impersonates Bill Clinton in the clip below, with an amusing anecdote about the first stages of the star’s fame and his first brush with the office of President.

Relating the tale to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, Matt Damon impersonates Clinton in a larger bit about his first few months on the Hollywood scene. As you may remember, Damon and hetero life partner Ben Affleck were virtual nobodies when their hit Good Will Hunting skyrocketed the pair to international stardom back in 1997.

In that year, Bill Clinton was president and the book Primary Colors was being adapted as a film. Neither the book nor the movie cast Clinton in a particularly flattering light, but one movie the former president dug in the late 90s was Good Will Hunting — so much so that he screened it at Camp David.

Damon impersonates Clinton as he relates the big-deal meeting at the screening, noting that a director present had a habit of conversational missteps, and mentioned running into John Travolta on the set of Primary Colors— adding that he “does a great you.”

Predictably, Damon recalls, there was an awkward pause as all present tried to ignore the obviously uncomfortable topic. But, as Damon impersonates Clinton, he explains that the notably well-spoken politician handled the slight with characteristic aplomb and quick wit, simply saying:

“What [Clinton] said was… “I understand they offered that part to Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks turned it down. He said it was disrespectful of the office of the president of the United States of America. I like Tom Hanks.”

Do you think Damon’s Clinton impersonation is accurate?