‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: Episode 98-100 Full Summaries Leaked

Numerous interesting developments have been revealed in the latest batch of leaked Dragon Ball Super summaries. For one, the whole lineup of a participating universe would be wiped out entirely by Universe 7. Apart from this, Krillin might also be committing a violation of the Tournament of Power’s rules. Lastly, Universe 6’s Kale, better known as Female Broly among fans, would be jobbing to no other than the strongest fighter in the grand multiverse battle royale, Universe 11’s Jiren.

Before reading ahead, do note that the following discussions would be filled with spoilers. With this in mind, do proceed with caution.

The recent batch of summaries covers Dragon Ball Super Episode 98-100, which involve the events transpiring in the early moments of the Tournament of Power. The spoilers, translated by noted DBS fan-translator Herms98, come from numerous legitimate sources, including Animedia, Weekly Shonen Jump, and Animage. Here then are the summaries for Dragon Ball Super Episode 98-100.

DBS Episode 98 – “On, Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs!”

Weekly Shonen Jump Preview:

“Immediately in a tight spot?! Universe 7 is fenced in! Right as the Tournament of Power begins, the Universe 7 team is hit by a concentrated attack from the other universes! Can they escape from this early tight spot…?!

“Goku This Week: fighting 1-on-8! Cut off from his allies, Goku is surrounded by eight tough opponents from other universes. But even in this situation, Goku smiles calmly?! The fight quickly heats up!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 has been teased in the anime’s NEP last week, with the short preview revealing that Goku and Vegeta would be taking the fight to Universe 9. With this said, it appears that the time of U9 in the Tournament of Power might very well be ending soon.


DBS Episode 99 – “Show it off! Krillin’s Reserves of Strength!!”

While the episode is undoubtedly focused on Krillin’s performance in the Tournament of Power, the episode summary from Animedia also provides an interesting teaser to what might ultimately happen to Universe 9. If any, the Animedia summary proves that U9 would indeed get eliminated early in the ToP.

Animedia Summary:

“At the Tournament of Power where the destruction of each universe is on the line, Universe 7 led by Son Goku wins against every member of Universe 9, which is therefore annihilated. People are left speechless, but before long the battle resumes. In the midst of the battle, Krillin seems distracted by thoughts of No. 18 while he fights Universe 10’s Jium…”

Animage Summary:

“Krillin battles Jium at the Tournament of Power, the greatest martial arts tournament in history, where universal annihilation is on the line. ‘I didn’t come here to be deadwood. I came to represent Universe 7!’ he shouts as he launches three strengthened Kienzans. It looks like it’s his time to shine, but…”

While the actual details of the episode remain unknown at this point, numerous Dragon Ball Super fans in online forums such as Reddit have stated that Krillin might get fully motivated in the ToP in order to protect his wife, the much-stronger Android 18. This, of course, might end up with complications for the veteran fighter — complications which, interestingly, were teased in the summary for Dragon Ball Super Episode 100.


DBS Episode 100 – “Rampage! The Berserker Awakens!”

Animedia Summary:

“Universe 7’s manpower is reduced by one as Krillin is unexpectedly disqualified. Meanwhile, Universe 6’s Caulifla and Kale ask Goku to teach them how to become Super Saiyan Blue. Seeing Caulifla engrossed in the training to transform into Super Saiyan, Kale takes a dislike to Goku and…”

Animage Summary:

“Universe 6’s Kale suddenly transforms and mows down one contestant after another, ignoring even her friend Caulifla’s voice as she rampages around. But Universe 11’s Jiren defeats Kale without a word. Seeing Jiren’s great strength, Son Goku cannot suppress his desire to fight him.”

From the information provided in the Animedia and Animage summaries for Dragon Ball Super Episode 100, it seems that Krillin would not be eliminated by his opponent at all. Instead, the summaries referred to the U7 fighter being disqualified from the battle.

This has caused numerous discussions on Reddit, with numerous fans speculating that Krillin might end up killing his U10 opponent. In a lot of ways, these speculations do make sense, since Krillin’s Kienzans are designed to cut through enemies, making it a lethal technique. In a tournament where killing is forbidden, such techniques are, of course, taboo.

Overall, the summary of Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 has managed to surprise numerous fans of the long-running anime franchise, with many expressing their disappointment that Kale would be jobbing to Jiren. Nevertheless, this particular development in the plot of the Tournament of Power does make sense, considering that DBS needs to establish the Universe 11 fighter’s overwhelming strength.

In this light, eliminating LSSJ Kale from the Tournament would prove to everyone in the Tournament of Power that Jiren is not one to be trifled with. The fact that Kale would be mowing down numerous fighters before jobbing to the U11 warrior would, of course, further establish just how strong Jiren’s overpowering, domineering force really is.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. JST. The anime is available for streaming in the West through services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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