Woman Who Destroyed Jesus Fresco Is Just Another Struggling Artist On eBay

Borja, Spain – Remember Cecilia Gímenez, the well-intentioned Spanish woman who destroyed a priceless fresco depicting Jesus Christ several months ago? Now she’s just another struggling artist peddling her wares on eBay.

The story of Cecilia Gímenez went viral in September, after the Spanish octogenarian “fixed” Elias García Martínez’s “Ecco Homo,” a priceless 19th century depiction of Christ. Soon, “before and after” shots took the internet by storm, with massive Reddit traction and front-page status on Gawker. Hilariously, the story didn’t end there. Gímenez asked for compensation for the destroyed fresco, which has been branded “Beast Jesus.”

Anyway, she’s now selling her paintings on eBay. “Las Bodegas de Borja,” a small landscape painting of her hometown. It started at €300 ($390) and has since risen to an impressive €620 ($808), and it’s actually a pretty decent painting compared to the “Beast Jesus.” The money raised by the sale of the painting will go to the Roman Catholic charity Caritas, who put it on eBay after it was donated to them by Gímenez.

There are five days left to go on the sale of the painting, and you can bid on it here if you’ve got at least $808 in your “80-year-old internet sensation oddities” budget.

We don’t know whether or not the 80-year-old Gímenez will continue to paint and sell her work, but she has seemingly capitalized on her internet fame for the now. You can see “Las Bodegas de Borja” below. Let us know what you think. Would you buy a painting from the woman who destroyed the Jesus fresco? Sound off!