‘DOOL’ Star Alison Sweeney’s Stalker Ordered To Stay Away

Days of our Lives star Alison Sweeney is living a storyline right out of a soap opera, or one of her Hallmark murder mystery movies. The actress has been dealing with an obsessed fan who has been stalking her, and now that fan is in major legal trouble.

According to TMZ, Alison Sweeney, who is best known for her role as Sami Brady on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives, was forced to get a restraining order against her cyber stalker, John Christopher LuVisi. A judge ordered LuVisi to stay at least 1,000 feet from the actress at all times. The stalker was also ordered to keep that distance when it comes to her home, her car, any work location she may be at, and her children’s school.

The report reveals that LuVisi had been stalking Alison Sweeney from about 15 different social media accounts for many years. However, the Days of our Lives fan favorite began to get very worried when the posts began to get increasingly worse over the course of the past year.

The stalker sent Sweeney worrisome messages, and even tried to blackmail her for money, claiming that he had compromising photographs of the DOOL star and that he would send those photos to Alison’s husband if she didn’t cooperate and pay him the money he desired.

Days of our Lives' Alison Sweeny stalker ordered to stay away from actress
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Alison Sweeney reportedly tried to block LuVisi on social media, but he persisted to make new accounts and continued to stalk her on the web. The man’s wife now says that he was also a victim and that he had been catfished when he had an online affair with someone he believed to be the Days of our Lives actress.

Alison Sweeney has recently been working on a string of Hallmark Channel movies and also filmed a two-month stint on Days of our Lives, where she’ll return as Sami Brady at the end of the year to help usher in some exciting new storylines such as the return of Sami’s son, Will Horton, who has been presumed dead.

Days of our Lives star Alison Sweeney has scary stalker.
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