‘General Hospital’ Thursday, July 6, Spoilers: Sonny Stabbed — Plus Wednesday, July 5, ‘GH’ Recap

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, July 6, reveal that Sonny (Maurice Benard) looks to be in bad shape. Sam (Kelly Monaco) stabbed him, and he’s on the floor bleeding. However, Sam has been hallucinating a lot, so maybe it didn’t happen. If it did, Sonny is in a world of hurt. Back at GH, Jason (Billy Miller) can’t find Sam but talks to Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst).

Sam runs off, and Liz offers advice

Liz tells Jason this could be about Sam being tired and stressed as a new mom. She encourages Jason and says once Sam gets back onto a regular sleep schedule, everything will be okay. Other General Hospital spoilers from Soaps She Knows for Thursday, July 6, show that Sam will mislead Jason about her diagnosis.

Another medical crisis looms across town at the MetroCourt. Curtis (Donnell Turner) is frantic because Aunt Stella (Vernee Watson) collapsed. GH spoilers from Soap Central for tomorrow predict that Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) will step up to help Stella even though the woman hates her. Things look bad right now for the Ashfords.

Wedding mayhem ensues, plus teen trouble

Ned (Wally Kurth) needs help from one of his groomsmen as wedding plans go up in flames. Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) alerts them that there is a fire as they’re getting ready for Ned’s bachelor party. Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) is with Laura (Genie Francis), and Laura tells her to lighten up since it’s her bachelorette party. Later, Olivia misinterprets something she sees.


Carly (Laura Wright) tells Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) that they need to talk about her dad Jax (Ingo Rademacher). Josslyn is a total teenager trying to play one parent off the other, but will she get away with it? It seems that Carly and Jax have talked and they may realize that Josslyn is trying to set them up against each other. All these General Hospital spoilers are for Thursday, July 6.

General Hospital Recap – Wednesday, July 5

As GH started on Wednesday, Nina (Michelle Stafford) got a call from Valentin, Sam met with Dr. Bench (James dePaiva), and Anna (Finola Hughes) and Andre (Anthony Montgomery) danced. Sam lied to her doctor because the voice in her head warned her she’d be sent away if she told the truth. The doc told her it could be post-partum depression but wanted to run blood tests.

Jason ran off to meet Sonny, so he wasn’t there for any of her doctor’s appointment. At his restaurant, Sonny told Jason he’s getting out of the business, and he and Carly called off the divorce. Jason told Sonny that he needs a successor to take over his cartel so things don’t get violent when he steps down. Jason became worried that Sonny wanted him to step into the role.


Sam told lies and then attacked

Sonny told Jason he isn’t asking him to be his successor but wanted him to prepare in case stuff gets violent during the transition. The doctor found an iron deficiency in Sam’s blood work. As Sam talked to the doctor, her Sonny hallucination came back to taunt her. Ghost Sonny told Sam she needed to get rid of the distraction in Jason’s life.

Dr. Bench made a follow-up appointment for Sam. Sam looked at a scalpel on the tray. By the time Jason got back to the hospital, Sam had gone. Sam showed up at Sonny’s restaurant and stabbed him with the scalpel she stole. Sonny was stunned, but this could have just been more of Sam’s crazy hallucinations and not a real stabbing. Jason was across town at GH wondering where Sam went.

Awkward Ashford family hour

Molly (Haley Pullos) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) lunched with TJ (Tequan Richmond) and Aunt Stella (Vernee Watson). Alexis and Stella bonded talking about their loved ones, and Stella brought the conversation around to Jordan’s sketchy past. Jordan punked Curtis (Donnell Turner) with a practical joke, and that led to the bedroom.

Later, Jordan expressed regret to Curtis for past mistakes and the hunk comforted her. They went out to dinner and ran into Stella and the others at the MetroCourt. Alexis left as the drama kicked up. Curtis confronted Stella about her attitude about Jordan. Curtis and Stella argued about his relationship with Jordan then Stella keeled over and collapsed.


WSB death threats for Valentin

Valentin told Nina over the phone that the WSB is going to “disappear” him and he advised her not to raise a fuss or she might wind up hurt. He seemed afraid and promised to protect her. Nina was upset as he ended the call. Anna and Andre stopped disco dancing and kissed, and then she invited him back to her place, but Andre asked her what it would mean.

Nina called Anna and was upset about Valentin. Anna came to see Nina who told her about Valentin’s call. Nina raged at Anna for talking her into helping her track down Valentin. In his cell, Valentin wrote a farewell love letter to Nina and asked her to stay in Charlotte’s life. Nina guilted Anna about her and Alex (Finola Hughes) wrecking Valentin’s life. Anna promised Nina that the WSB wouldn’t kill him.

Is it curtains for Valentin?

Anna told Nina to keep her distance and not accept any more calls from Valentin, then walked out on the heartbroken magazine editor. After Anna had left, Nina flashed back to the night Valentin gave her the big diamond engagement ring and then she pulled it off and sat it on her desk. Nina looked sad. Anna went back to meet up with Andre at GH.

At The Hague, a man came into Valentin’s cell, and Valentin thought he was there to kill him. He clicked cuffs onto him, and Valentin told him to do it before he lost his nerve. The guy dragged him from the cell. The Wednesday, July 5, GH episode ended with Valentin facing death, Sonny possibly stabbed, Stella in a medical crisis, and Anna and Andre thinking about taking the next step.

Tune into ABC tomorrow to see what happens with all these General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, July 6, and more drama to come.

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