CNN Blackmail: Reddit User HanA**holeSolo Emerges On Twitter After Dox Threat? @HanA**holeSolo Account Created

UPDATE: There is now some doubt as to whether @HanA**holeSolo is the real Twitter account of the man who created the Trump wrestling video. Alternative media figure Paul Joseph Watson, who tweeted at the account to invite the man behind it onto his show “if it’s really him,” sent out a tweet on Thursday stating, “This account – @HanA**holeSolo is NOT the guy threatened by CNN. Unfollow and ignore.” Conservative radio host Bill Mitchell also has doubts, but his suspicion runs deeper than that of Watson. Mitchell suggests that the whole controversy may have been manufactured, tweeting on Thursday, “I’m not saying HanA**holeSolo isn’t a real person, I’m saying he is likely a deep cover Leftist plant for moments such as these.”


The Reddit user who allegedly created the edited video of Donald Trump wrestling a man with a CNN logo superimposed on his face apparently now has a Twitter account. Whether @HanA**holeSolo is the Twitter account of the real HanA**holeSolo Reddit user is still unconfirmed. However, the account has thousands of followers and is growing, with prominent figures in the alternative media tagging and attempting to communicate with the user.

#CNNBlackmail Trends On Twitter After CNN Investigates Identity Of HanA**holeSolo

This new development comes at the heels of an ever-deepening CNN public relations disaster relating to a controversial video tweeted out by the president of the United States. The video depicts Trump wrestling WWE owner Vince McMahon at WrestleMania in 2007 with the CNN logo covering McMahon’s face, reports Willamette Week. According to the Inquisitr, CNN launched an investigation into the creator of the viral video after President Trump shared it on his Twitter page, igniting a national conversation on the role of the press and that of the president.

Man in a dark room wearing a hood uses a computer

In an article written about the quest to uncover the identity of Reddit user HanA**holeSolo, CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski wrote that CNN was able to find HanA**holeSolo’s real name and other “key biographical details” but they decided not to publicly reveal this information because the man apologized, took down his Reddit posts, and “because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again,” adding,

“CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

This last line caused an uproar on social media, causing #CNNBlackmail to become the No. 1 trending hashtag on Twitter, according to the Inquisitr. While CNN denies that they have blackmailed HanA**holeSolo into apologizing or altering his typical Reddit posting activities, it is clear to some in the Reddit community and beyond that the language used in the CNN article was threatening, not only to HanA**holeSolo but to other Reddit users and internet commentators as well who have made posting funny memes and videos into a compelling hobby known as “sh*tposting.”


@HanA**holeSolo Twitter Account: Is It Really Him?

@HanA**holeSolo started his Twitter career off simply, with his very first post being a retweet of the president’s tweet of the CNN wrestling video. Subsequent tweets are short and simple messages: “Trying something new,” “Good morning,” and “Absolutely insane. Thanks for the support.” Later posts included seemingly random videos and a tweet reading “Working From Home Leads To Shocking Money Results,” which included a link. These unusual tweets may have led some, such as Paul Joseph Watson, to re-think their support.

Before these strange tweets were sent out by @HanA**holeSolo, alternative media figures including Jack Posobiec and Paul Joseph Watson reached out to the account, sending messages of support.

Regular, non-notable Twitter users have been tagging the account as well, using it as a convenient outlet for their messages of solidarity with the allegedly blackmailed Reddit user, with one stating simply, “Let’s show our support for @HanAssholeSolo. #CNNBlackmail.”

While it is still unknown whether the person behind @HanA**holeSolo is the Reddit user who allegedly created the viral Trump CNN wrestling video, this Twitter account has served as a hub for supporters of HanA**holeSolo to voice their solidarity with the man they believe is being blackmailed by CNN.

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