Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Did Dak Prescott Commit Fraud With Football Card Signature?

Dallas Cowboys rumors have Dak Prescott embroiled in another controversy. Prescott, the Cowboys’ star quarterback, is accused of using a machine to autograph his football cards, something that could amount to fraud if it turns out to be true. A report by ESPN states that a memorabilia expert for Beckett Grading Services is claiming that rather than signing his football cards by hand, that Dak Prescott was using an automated machine to do it for him. This discovery was reportedly made when collectors sent in the autographed guards to be graded.

These Dallas Cowboys rumors have already been discussed widely on social media, with a lot of card collectors saying it should lead to a Dak Prescott suspension. While it wouldn’t be the first time that a player got suspended by the NFL for off-field actions, this would be new territory for the commissioner’s office to have to deal with. On a larger scale, if the claims of authenticator Steve Grad about autographs on the Panini Prizm 2016 set were proven in court, it could lead to a hefty lawsuit by collectors. Selling faked autographs could be seen as committing fraud.

“They had a very machine-like feel.You could see the starts and stops. I immediately knew they were autopen. I’ve never heard of a modern athlete doing this.”

Though Dak Prescott is getting a lot of flak in these latest Dallas Cowboys rumors, there has also been no indication that he actually had possession of the cards in question. It raises the possibility that this was done within the company at Panini or that an intermediary for Prescott used the machine to autograph the cards. Most companies use a representative to verify (in person) that the signatures are authentic, raising a lot of additional questions in regard to this situation.

This isn’t even the first time that Panini has been embroiled in a controversy like this one. In May, it was discovered that first-round draft pick Takkarist McKinley had not actually signed the cards that the company sold in packs. The company offered to replace those cards with an authentic autograph by McKinley, but it also hurt the industry a bit. If these latest claims about Panini and Dak Prescott turn out to be true, there could soon be some Dallas Cowboys rumors about the league looking to take action.

[Featured Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]