Amber Portwood Is Finally Done With Matt Baier! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Tells Him To ‘Lawyer Up’

Amber Portwood has finally had enough of her former fiancé Matt Baier. The Teen Mom OG star just finished Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars and blasted Baier after filming ended. Is she done with him for good this time?

Radar Online reports that Portwood went on a social media rampage following the end of Marriage Bootcamp. Once that failed, Portwood slammed Baier on Twitter and told him to remove all her kids’ pictures from his account. She also advised him to hire a lawyer because of a few outstanding debts.

Portwood’s rant started after Baier posted a note about his Fourth of July plans. In response, Portwood commented, “Long Weekend of getting dumped.” She continued to slam him all night long and confirmed that their romance is finally over.

According to OK! Magazine, Portwood went through a lot of drama while filming Marriage Boot Camp and wanted to get out of the house before production wrapped. In fact, the Teen Mom OG star told fans on social media that she had enough of a certain “drunk bimbo” on the show and would rather be locked in a room with Farrah Abraham. Things got so intense that Portwood decided it was better to leave the house before she did something she regretted.

Amber Portwood’s engagement to Baier hit a low point on Teen Mom OG. During the season reunion, the Christian Post reports that Portwood finally admitted that her relationship with Baier was over. Despite calling the wedding off, Portwood revealed that she and Baier are still living under the same roof.

'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Shows Off Plastic Surgery Results, As Her Fiancé Finally Comes Clean About His Sobriety [Featured Image by MTV]
Amber Portwood and Matt Baier [Featured Image by MTV]

To matters worse, Portwood also claimed that Baier owed her a lot of money. During the season finale, Portwood accused Baier of burning through thousands of dollars and not paying her back. Baier denied the allegations and still refused to pay Portwood back. Based on Portwood’s most recent rant, it sounds like she is prepared to take legal action against Baier if he doesn’t make amends.

Portwood and Baier were set to tie the knot this coming October. Those plans ultimately fell apart as Portwood didn’t feel like she could trust her future husband, not to mention Baier’s questionable past. There’s no telling if Portwood will follow through with her threats, but it’s clear their drama isn’t over yet.

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