Melania Trump Was Teaming Up With Lawyer To Combat Cyber-Bullying, Now-Deleted Tweets Reveal

There are signs Melania Trump was once working on her cyber-bullying initiative after her attorney’s Twitter account was uncovered. Charles Harder, the powerhouse lawyer who won the lawsuit for Hulk Hogan against Gawker, wrote some interesting tweets about teaming up with Melania to combat cyber-bullying.

Buzzfeed News reports that a Twitter account with a handful of followers is believed to be that of Melania Trump’s attorney, who has the Twitter handle, @CharlesJHarder. On December 10, 2016, Harder tweeted about the First Amendment and alerted cyber-bullies to the cause he and the first lady were collaborating on. The tone was imposing, as though anyone engaging in social media bullying were no longer going to be tolerated.

“To the cyberbullies on Twitter and all other social platforms: the future First Lady and I are working on a way to end your hate speech,” Harder wrote.

Buzzfeed took screenshots of Harder’s now-deleted tweets. The user’s Twitter account at the time began acknowledging cyber-bullying around July of last year, the time in which Melania Trump announced she would be an advocate for the prevention of cyber-bullying. Harder wrote in another tweet that he doesn’t read 99 percent of his notifications and messages because they’re full of cyber-bullies and that he “refuses” to be a part of “hate speech.”

Harder also wrote that the First Amendment doesn’t protect hate speech.

“The 1st Amendment does not protect a lot of things: defamation, speech to defraud, shouting fire! [sic] if no fire, hate speech, cyberbullying…” Harder wrote in a message that’s still on his Twitter account.

Stephanie Grisham, a spokesperson for Melania Trump, responded to the report and explained that the first lady “continues to be thoughtful about her platform,” and fully intends to make an announcement related to this “in the coming weeks.”

When Grisham was asked about the deleted tweets from @CharlesJHarder on cyber-bullying, she said they were posted before Donald Trump became president.

“He is not a [White House] employee, so I would have no idea what that was about, nor would it be appropriate for me to try and speculate,” Grisham wrote in an email to Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed tried getting confirmation from Charles Harder that the Twitter account, @CharlesJHarder, belonged to him. Harder didn’t verify either way, with only saying that he “can’t say anything right now” because he’s “busy” and is “neck-deep in a bunch of stuff” before ending the call abruptly.

The Twitter account shows all the signs that it’s Harder’s, however. The tweets are indicated to originate from a Los Angeles location, where the Harder lives. There’s also a profile photo of Harder that isn’t found anywhere else on the internet when doing a search online. Other signs reveal that it’s Harder’s account by a discussion centering on his family, which includes his Japanese-American in-laws. The Twitter account profile reads: “Trial attorney: privacy, defamation, entertainment, IP and business law.”

@CharlesJHarder follows only three people — Melania Trump, Michelle Obama, and Taylor Swift.

The spotlight was put on Melania’s pledge to fight cyber-bullying when her husband criticized Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski for having a “low IQ,” “bleeding badly from a face-lift,” and being “dumb as a rock.” He did this in retaliation to the negative news reports about him on the show airing on MSNBC. A few days later he retweeted a GIF of him wrestling WWE CEO Vince McMahon, but McMahon’s head was replaced with a CNN logo. It was largely viewed as inciting violence against journalists. The first lady supported her husband’s tweets against Bzezsinki with her spokesperson simply saying that when the president is hit, he punches “ten times harder.” Melania didn’t react to the CNN video.

Stephanie Grisham confirmed that Melania Trump will make good on her promise to fight cyber-bullying. Will there be an announcement soon about the first lady’s plans?

[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]