‘Sweet Home Oklahoma’ Returns With More Outrageous Comedy and Fun-Filled Pranks

Angie “Pumps” Sullivan, Jennifer Welch, and Lee Murphy are returning, and fans of the show couldn’t be happier. Sweet Home Oklahoma posted to their Facebook page a preview clip of the show along with a caption that says, “We’ve got three words for y’all: Pumps. Pranks. Laughs.” The trio will undoubtedly be involved in more of the crazy shenanigans that viewers have come to love and expect from Sweet Home Oklahoma.

Pumps is always being pranked and her responses, coupled with her quirky sense of humor, quickly made her a fan favorite. From her “smoking glove” to her willingness to jump right in on any wild adventure Jennifer and Lee may dream up, Pumps is always fun and entertaining to watch. Pumps grew up in Oklahoma City and currently lives in the same neighborhood of Nichols Hills as Jennifer and Lee.

Last season, she was able to keep a smile on her face despite going through a divorce, looking for a new home, working as an attorney in marriage and family law, and meeting the demands of three growing kids. When the Huffington Post remarked that she is probably one of the more outrageous personalities, Pumps agreed wholeheartedly with that statement.

“Oh yes, I know! You know, when we first started talking about doing this, we were sitting around saying that you always have different personalities on these shows, and I said that I think I would be the crazy person on this show!”

The pranks aren’t limited to just Pumps, all three of these close friends love to prank each other given the opportunity. After Pumps and Jennifer openly spied on Lee during a date, she decides to get back at them while they’re all spending some time away at Grand Lake in northeastern Oklahoma. First off, Lee does the old, smear something black on the binoculars trick, and then easily gets Jennifer to use them. Jennifer immediately knows it was pay back for what they did to Lee during her date, and Lee proclaims that she will be getting Pumps back next.

Jennifer Welch is a talented high-end interior designer and lives with her ex-husband, Josh, and their two sons. Her home is usually the place where the three women often get together to make plans for a new adventure, cook up some new scheme, or to just hang out with one another. Whatever they come up with, it’s a sure bet that the new episodes will involve plenty of laughs and high-spirited humor as well.

Like the other women, Lee is divorced, and she stays busy working as a medical device sales rep and raising her three sons. Lee will most likely continue to delve into the dating world, with Jennifer and Pumps acting as her biggest cheerleaders on Sweet Home Oklahoma. She isn’t immune from the pranks and like the others, she takes it in stride and bides her time as she waits for the perfect moment to get them back.

Although this show features plenty of funny shenanigans and joking around, there are a lot of heart-warming moments as well. Are you a fan of the show? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Sweet Home Oklahoma premieres with two thirty-minute episodes on Monday, July 10 beginning at 10 p.m. ET on the Bravo Channel.

[Featured Image by Bravo Channel]