Farrah Abraham’s Father, Michael, Opens Up Further On Farrah’s Rape Allegations

Over the weekend, Farrah Abraham’s dad, Michael, opened up about why his daughter can come across as so rude sometimes — and his reasoning was beyond tragic. According to Michael, Farrah experienced a horribly traumatic rape around the time she sold her sex tape to Vivid, and he told this to fans who were hating on the Teen Mom OG star for her rude behavior.

Michael opened up to Radar Online about some of the reasons Farrah Abraham can come across as so nasty.

“She doesn’t want to fail, even though it’s being human, the trauma is what keeps pushing her to try to do better,” he said.

In 2015, Farrah Abraham accused James Deen of drugging and raping her around the time her own sex tape was released. Since then, several other adult entertainers have come forward to say the same thing has happened to them.

Michael says that the rape occurred when she was “doing appearances at clubs,” which does not necessarily specify where it happened. He also did not name an attacker.

Her father also claims that not only did the rape scar his daughter, but the fact that he and Debra Danielsen, Farrah’s mother, abandoned her during their split has made her more guarded.


Many fans have lashed out at Michael, saying rape and abuse are no excuses for Farrah’s nasty behavior toward her family and others.

Farrah Abraham has landed herself in hot water on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Edition after calling out what was construed as a racist slur when she called an African-American housemate a “piece of black trash.” Not only did audiences react harshly to it, but so did Kendra Wilkinson, a former Playboy Playmate who is married to an African-American man and has two children with him.

Currently, Farrah Abraham is on a world tour looking for love with the MTV U.K. show Single AF.

Audiences recently mocked Farrah for her date with an Italian model in Sydney, saying that her ex, Simon Saran, is a much better fit for her.

It is unclear whether Farrah and Simon are currently together, as both seem to address the media with different stories about the nature of their relationship.

Farrah Abraham has made no mention of her father bringing up her rape and has not expressed displeasure at him exposing it to fans.


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