CNN Project Veritas Video Reveals Producer Criticizing Chris Cuomo, Doubling Down On Controversial Comments

Perri Fisher

The new CNN video by Project Veritas released Wednesday once again features CNN associate producer Jimmy Carr, the man who was featured in the last Project Veritas video allegedly referring to American voters as "stupid as s**t." This time, Carr aims his candid ire at CNN host Chris Cuomo, the brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, reports the Project Veritas website. In the new clip recorded by activist James O'Keefe's undercover associates, Carr apparently spills the beans a second time, this time throwing a fellow CNN employee under the bus.

In the uncover video, the associate producer for New Day, a morning show featured on CNN, allegedly says of Cuomo, "Just can't stand that guy when he talks, we're like shut up."

Carr claims that he is not the only one who has negative opinions of Chris Cuomo, stating, "There's a lot of us that spend a lot of time in the news room criticizing just the same points."

CNN Associate Producer Expresses Concern Over Being Recorded While Being Recorded By Project Veritas Operative

In this latest Project Veritas clip, CNN associate producer Jimmy Carr discusses the secret recordings of CNN supervising producer John Bonifield, in which Bonifield allegedly told an undercover operative that the Trump-Russia collusion story that CNN has been passionately promoting is "mostly bulls**t" and that President Trump is correct in calling CNN's work on this story a "witch hunt."

Carr allegedly says that he had a "moment of panic" after the secret recordings of Bonifield made national news and that he was worried conversations he had that previous week had been recorded as well.

However, he appears to have no regrets about the conversations that he had, if he is to be assumed to be sincere when he allegedly stated, "Anything I've said to you I would defend on the record. I don't think I've said anything wrong."

Along with revelations on Chris Cuomo, Jimmy Carr, who was featured on two Project Veritas videos, has also allegedly made other controversial comments on American voters, President Trump, and Kellyanne Conway, according to the Project Veritas website.

The CNN associate producer attacked the president's qualifications, claiming that he is not acting in America's best interests, calling him a "clown" and "f**king crazy." What is perhaps more shocking is his candid comments about President Trump's counselor and former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who he said "looks like she got hit with a shovel." Jimmy Carr was also apparently not shy in his assessment of American voters, whom he called "stupid as s**t."

Thanks to these new Project Veritas recordings, it looks like CNN associate producer Jimmy Carr will be tested on his claim that he will "defend on the record" any controversial comments he has made about CNN or other topics.

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