Trump Wanders Away From Huge Limousine Parked Right In Front Of Him After Getting Off Air Force One [Video]

Social media users are mocking President Donald Trump after a video emerged online showing him wandering away distractedly from his parked armored limousine after disembarking from Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews. Many suggested that the incident was yet another example of Trump experiencing a senior moment.

The video shows Trump slowly descending the steps of Air Force One, and ignoring the massive armored presidential limousine parked right in front of him, he wandered away to the right to an unknown destination. He had walked several feet to the right, away from his limousine, before a Secret Service agent stepped in to redirect him to the car parked conspicuously in front of the plane he just alighted from.

He looked surprised that he missed the black limousine parked in front of him. He walked back to the car and sat inside to wait for Melania who was just getting off the plane.

Many social media users remarked that it was almost impossible to believe that anyone could have failed to notice the hulking presidential limousine decorated with the seal of the office of the president and the national flag parked right in front of the steps.

Some Twitter users mocked Trump, wondering whether he thought he was walking all the way back to the White House.

“How the f**k to you miss the enormous armor plated limousine that’s parked right in front of you?”


However, some viewers defended Trump, arguing that he might have been confused by the fact that no one opened the door of the car for him, so he thought he was not supposed to use it.

“He figures he’ll walk back to the White House.”


“No one opened the car door for him so he walked away!”

One Twitter user suggested that Trump might have thought that he was taking the Marine One helicopter back to the White House.

“You make him sound as if he’s an idiot,” the social media user defending Trump protested.

“The fact is President Trump always takes Marine One from Andrew Air Force Base to the White House, so he walked towards the Marine One chopper when his aide told him they’ll use the vehicles this time.”


However, other social media users insisted there was no evidence from the video to back the claim that Trump thought he was taking Marine One to Washington, D.C. One social media user wondered what Trump thought the limousine and motorcade were doing in front of the steps if he was meant to take Marine One back to Washington, D.C. Another Twitter user pointed out that the driver of the car, expecting Trump to enter, saluted twice, but he failed to notice.

Many recalled several other incidents in the past in which Trump, appearing to suffer a temporary mental lapse, wandered off in the middle of an official ceremony. On one occasion, he forgot to sign an executive order placed on his table in front of him. On another occasion, he wandered off, looking dazed and confused, during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


The latest incident occurred as Trump was returning to the White House in Washington, D.C. with his family, after spending the weekend playing golf at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Some critics pointed out that despite having criticized President Obama over time spent playing golf and promising during his election campaign not to spend so much time playing the game, Trump has so far spent more time on the golf course than Obama.

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]