‘Frozen 2’ Update: Jonathan Groff Reveals When Production Will Begin

Because of its potent mix of catchy songs, eye-catching visuals, and its charming story packed with instantly memorable characters, Frozen is regarded as one of the finest Disney films ever created. The fact that it went on to gross $1.276 billion at the box office, which made it the highest-grossing animated film of all time, confirmed just how much it had connected with audiences. It also meant that a sequel was inevitable.

Disney has since confirmed that Frozen 2 will arrive in theaters in 2019, and from the sound of things, everyone involved in its production is now getting ready to record vocals for the film. That’s according to Jonathan Groff, who voiced Kristoff in the original film, a role that he’ll be reprising in Frozen 2.

“I think I just got an email yesterday where I’m about to go into the recording studio in a couple of weeks, or maybe a month? They’re about to really get into the thick of recording it, which I’m excited about. I don’t know anything about it yet other than I’m about to start recording my section of it.”

Clearly, the script for the film isn’t quite ready to be recorded and animated, but it sounds as though it is being kept under lock and key so that the details of what actually happens to Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff are kept hidden until Frozen 2 is finally with us.

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Jonathan Groff made the above revelation during an interview about 36 Questions (via Entertainment Weekly), which is a podcast musical that he stars in. The two-time Tony Award nominee isn’t the only member of the Frozen team who has been invited back for the sequel.

In fact, everyone who made the original such a huge success has returned, including the vocal efforts of Josh Gad, Kristen Bell, and Idina Menzel, as Disney looks to make sure it matches up to Frozen.

That means directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck and songwriting pair Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez have been tasked with continuing the adventures of the characters.

Jonathan Groff is just grateful to get another chance to work with Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, as he believes that the foursome are “an awesome team.”

Jonathan Groff provides a Frozen 2 update
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Unfortunately, we’ve still got just under two and a half years to wait until Frozen 2 is actually with audiences, as it won’t be released into cinemas until November 27, 2019.

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