Lindsay Lohan Tells People To Stop Bullying Trump And The Internet Can’t Handle It

Lindsay Lohan, the American expat now living her best life in the United Kingdom, has taken to Twitter to tell people that it’s time to stop bullying Donald Trump.

The former child actress was evidently responding to President Trump’s pledge to help a British family bring their terminally ill child to the US to get treatment, despite high courts in the United Kingdom saying it would not be allowed.

“THIS IS our president. Stop #bullying him & start trusting him. Thank you personally for supporting #THEUSA.” wrote Lindsay Lohan after citing a article about the president.

According to Raw Story, Lindsay Lohan conveniently forgot that the president has fantasized about having sex with her, even going so far as to talk about it on an episode of Howard Stern.

“She’s probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed. How come the deeply troubled women, you know, deeply, deeply troubled, they’re always the best in bed,” Trump said of Lindsay Lohan.

After Lindsay Lohan had expressed her support for Trump, the Internet exploded with memes and jokes about the troubled child star, ranging from mockery to full on confusion. Many do not understand her support since she openly stated she was against Brexit in a string of very confusing tweets last year.

Later in the day, she also tweeted out another little message for the 45th president, this time wth a photo of him hugging Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. She told her Twitter users not to speak poorly about him, the First Family, or anyone else.

Not only has Lindsay Lohan openly spoken up against Brexit, but also Islamophobia, which many argue that Donald Trump directly contributes to. The Mean Girls star started a swirl of rumors when she began carrying around the religion’s Holy Book and wearing a hijab on and off.

When directly asked if she was converting to Islam, the star said she didn’t want to speak on something she had not finished yet. However, she has wished Instagram users a happy Eid, though she has not stated whether or not she is celebrating.

Lindsay Lohan also recently divulged that she was asked to remove her hijab on an airplane by someone who did not recognize the star. When she did remove it, they apologized profusely, but she still used this as an example of heightened Islamophobia.

Despite the negative reactions on Twitter, Lindsay also received a slew of positive responses from supporters of the 45th president.

[Featured Image by Stewart C. Wilson/Getty Images]