‘Game Of Thrones’ Shocker: Is Ned Stark Still Alive?

Game of Thrones spoilers have been rolling out left and right as the Season 7 premiere draws nearer. However, while fans are trying to figure out what to expect during the new season, there is one shocking theory that could change the course of the entire series. Could Ned Stark actually still be alive?

According to Hollywood Life, a popular Game of Thrones fan theory reveals that Ned Stark may still be alive, and it is pretty convincing. The theory claims that since Jaqen H’ghar of the Faceless Men and Ned Stark were both held prisoner in the Red Keep together, they may have devised a shocking plan.

Some Game of Thrones fans believe that Arya Stark’s mentor, Syrio Forel, may have been a Faceless Man, and he switched places with Ned Stark before the beheading. In addition to the face swap, the theory claims that Varys is the mastermind behind the entire plan. Varys would have asked Syrio to switch faces with Ned, knowing that he would likely die anyway. If Syrio had consented, it would have been him who was beheaded by Joffrey in the Season 1 finale.

Fans who have read the Game of Thrones book series will remember that Sansa claims that Ned’s decapitated head didn’t look like him, which could be a hint that Ned is still alive and well and living somewhere in Westeros. Could the HBO series bring back this pivotal character for the final two seasons and shock everyone?


Meanwhile, some fans believe that if Ned Stark were still alive, he would have made himself known by now. His entire family has fallen apart. Arya has been missing for years, Sansa was forced to marry a monster who took over Winterfell, Jon Snow was murdered and resurrected, Bran is presumed dead, and Robb and Rickon Stark were both killed. Ned’s beloved wife, Catelyn, was also brutally murdered. Ned was a warrior and man who cherished his family. If he were alive, wouldn’t he have wanted to do everything in his power to protect his family?

As Game of Thrones Season 7 draws nearer, fans are desperate to find out what will happen, and if any of the intriguing fan theories may be correct.


What are your thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones news? Do you think Ned Stark might still be alive?

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