‘RHONY’ Star Dorinda Medley Slams ‘Bankrupt Fool’ Sonja Morgan!

Dorinda Medley just created a new Real Housewives of New York catchphrase. While eating dinner with her fellow RHONY co-stars, Medley unleashed an epic tirade on Sonja Morgan after she claimed Medley wanted to be a part of her Tipsy Girl endeavor. How did Medley react?

According to Radar Online, the drama started when Morgan accused Medley and Ramona Singer of agreeing to help her with the Tipsy Girl brand. Morgan says that Medley backed out after Bethenny Frankel accused Medley of ripping off her Skinnygirl franchise. She even said she saved a text from John Mahdessian that proves she wanted to be a part of the project. In response, Medley fired back and slammed Morgan for being a “bankrupt fool.”

“I swear, Sonja Morgan, I have never wanted to be a part of Tipsy Girl,” Medley told her. “It’s b******t, so stop with this b******t. I’d rather shoot my left leg off than be a part of Tipsy Girl. You think I’d do that s**t Tipsy Girl?”

Medley then told Morgan that she needs to back off and admit that she was lying. Morgan, however, refused to drop the subject, which prompted another shouting match where Medley called her a “fool” and “bankrupt” while screaming, “Clip! Clip! Clip! Clip! You fool.”

E! News reports that Frankel then told the camera that she doesn’t know what clip means, but she has a pretty good idea. “I guess it means, ‘Shut your f—king mouth.’ Clip!” Frankel shared.

After the episode, Dorinda Medley appeared on Watch What Happens Live and explained her new quip to Andy Cohen. According to Bravo TV, Medley felt extra feisty because the dinner was in the Bronx and admitted that she tends to adjust to all locations.


“You know me. I’m a chameleon,” she admitted. “I adjust to all situations.”

Cohen then explained how he loved it when she said “ass wipe” at the dinner. Medley apologized to her mom for her word choice but didn’t regret lashing out at Medley. It isn’t clear what will become of Medley’s feud with Morgan as the two women eventually made up during the episode, but her tirade will definitely go down as one of her best.

Medley has been on a roll all season long. In addition to bashing Morgan, the RHONY star unleashed her fury on Candace Bushnell when she called her a “b***h.” Fans have even labeled Medley’s saying as “Dorindaisms,” and someone even sent her a mug with one of her quips printed on the side.

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[Featured Image by Bravo]