‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Twin Jason Plot Coming – Source Reveals Tale Of Two Jasons

General Hospital spoilers reveal Steve Burton is back soon on the ABC soap, and the actor confirmed that he signed a contract, so it’s not an in-and-out sort of thing. Inevitably, he must be playing Jason Morgan, but that’s problematic since there’s already a Jason (Billy Miller) in Port Charles. Burton’s return begs the question of whether this “tale of two Jasons” plot is the final act from Jean Passanante since she’s leaving this month just as the story kicks off. While ABC has been tight-lipped about what role Burton will play, a source with contacts at GH confirmed he’ll play Jason.

Double Jason twin twist could be GH writer revenge

One shocker in recent months with General Hospital co-head writer Jean Passanante is the aggressive Twitter wars she’s started with GH fans. When she wrote Jason as being on Cassadine Island with Helena, fans bashed her knowledge of GH history and said he was never on the island. Jean stunned fans by seemingly mocking their knowledge of the show when she replied, “How do you know?” in response to fans reminding her Jason was frozen at that time. Jean’s snide response prompted a cavalcade of anger, GH clips, and videos proving why Jason could not have been there.

But now, with the re-introduction of Steve Burton, presumably also as Jason, there is a way for Jean to have been right and fans wrong. A confluence of circumstances may allow Jean to rewrite General Hospital history once again. This rewrite could allow Jean to recraft history to punish fans for calling her out. If Steve Burton plays the original Jason and Billy Miller’s character is someone else, perhaps a twin, then the flashbacks from Cassadine Island could be accurate, because it’s another “Jason” while Steve’s original version of Jason was still frozen.


How two Jasons vindicates Jean and slaps at fans

You might remember that there was a GH plot a few years back that revealed Jason had a twin. Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) said Jason was born a twin and that Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) was his brother. The Franco part of the story proved to be a lie, but the twin part might be resurrected again as truth by Jean to explain the existence of two Jasons. Back in 1981, Jason was born off-screen and during an era where doctors put up sheets between mother and the birth process, so a secret twin is plausible. Plus, it’s a soap, so anything is possible.

Heather said someone sold Jason’s twin, and that could all be true, but it was not Franco. Instead, it could be this other Jason – the one we first met as “Jake Doe” with Billy Miller’s face. Jake would have a face that’s different from Steve’s version of Jason because he had an accident and reconstructive surgery. But that also explains why Spinelli’s face reconstruction image looked like Steve Burton. The twin twist also allows for one Jason frozen in the Cassadine labs and another Jason as Helena’s pet assassin.


Did Helena drop a hint about a second Jason?

In the recent Nurses Ball flashback scenes, Helena had Costa (Eddie Davenport) beat Jason and told him that he must obey her or he would be put down, and she told him she had other “assets” that she could use. That might have been laying the groundwork for the re-introduction of the old Jason. Helena thought she had one of them on the island and another in her freezer as a popsicle. Of course, all this is still messing with history, but Jean might be doing it anyway to get back at fans.

Jean and writing partner Shelly Altman took great liberties with GH history time and again. Jason mentioned that he was at Helena’s will reading when he most decidedly was not, and Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) seems to have forgotten that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) murdered AJ since she’s palling around with him now. There are too many examples to count of history twisted, rewritten, or repurposed with these two writers.

And as for whether there will be two Jasons or that Steve Burton will play another role (which seems senseless), Jamey Giddens of Daytime Confidential tweeted a hint based on his info from inside sources at the network. If you’ve never seen the movie, that’s an old-school movie called Twins. Jamey is a solid source of soap scoop, and he seems certain it’s a twin twist coming with two Jasons.


Will Billy Miller exit soon?

Here’s another General Hospital spoiler to consider. Some GH insiders have dropped hints that Billy Miller is in contract negotiation with the ABC soap right now but wants to leave because he’s looking for a prime-time TV career. Miller has a recurring role on the USA legal drama Suits and will be a featured player on Season 5 of Ray Donovan on Showtime.

If Billy had an eye on the door, it was a perfect time for GH to lure Steve Burton back to improve ratings and, as a nice side effect, for Jean to hit back at fans who have criticized her writing. It would be unthinkable to GH fans for Steve Burton to play anyone but Jason Morgan, yet with Billy still on set as Jason, it creates a dilemma.


Steve told ABC Soaps in Depth in a recent interview, “I’ll be there for a while…. All I know is it’s going to be real soon and there’s going to be lots of surprises.”

With Billy’s contract always on a year-to-year basis to give him the flexibility to pursue other projects, it seems extremely likely that a Tale of Two Jasons is coming. If so, it will create a mess. Sam will have one child by one Jason and another by the other, just for starters. One thing is certain – Billy is not going back to The Young and the Restless to replace Jason Thompson as Billy Abbott. Both Jason and CBS issued swift denials that any such happening is in the works.


Are you glad Steve Burton is back? Do you think Jean’s final General Hospital plot of two Jasons is meant to hit back at GH fans she’s fought with on Twitter? Check back as this story unfolds for more General Hospital spoilers.


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