‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Dario Reveled As Deimos’ Killer, But Is He Covering For Someone?

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that Dario may be the person who killed Deimos Kiriakis. Speculation has been running wild about which DOOL character could have killed the youngest Kiriakis brother, and many fans believed that JJ and Sonny were the main suspects. However, it seems that a person who was not at the party may be revealed as the murderer after all.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, JJ Deveraux was just arrested and charged with Deimos’ murder, and Sonny Kiriakis is remembering standing over his uncle’s dead body, but that doesn’t mean that either of them actually stabbed Deimos to death. The report suggests that Dario Hernandez may actually be revealed as the true killer. Days of our Lives fans wouldn’t be shocked to find out that Dario killed Deimos. The two have been enemies since Deimos came to Salem, and their families have been feuding over business for months.

However, DOOL viewers may soon come to find that while Dario may be charged with murder, or even confess to the crime, that he could be covering up for someone special. The latest Days of our Lives speculation is that Dario may be forced to confess to the murder to save the real killer from being prosecuted.

Two of the most important women in Dario’s life was at the party where Deimos was killed. His sister Gabi and his new wife Abigail could both be suspects in the murder. However, DOOL has already put Gabi behind bars for murdering Nick Fallon, so Abigail is the most likely suspect. If Dario is covering for someone, it will probably be Abby, whom he recently married to prevent deportation back to Mexico.

As many Days of our Lives fans know, Dario is head over heels in love with Abigail. However, she doesn’t share his feelings. Abby is still in love with her ex-husband Chad, and only agreed to marry Dario to help him during a difficult time, the way he helped her when she first returned to Salem after being presumed dead.

As the weeks go by, the DOOL murder mystery will heat up, and nearly everyone will become a suspect. However, only one person actually put the knife in Deimos’ chest, and fans will soon have the answers they’ve been looking for.


What are your thoughts on the latest Days of our Lives spoilers? Do you think Dario may have killed Deimos, or is he covering for someone else?

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