Jayson Newlun: Missouri Man Allegedly Molested 1-Year Old Baby, Baby’s Dad Beat Him Senseless

A Missouri man allegedly molested his friend’s 1-year-old baby, then found himself on the receiving end of a merciless beating by the baby’s father before police showed up, Yahoo News is reporting.

Authorities say that Jayson Newlun, 26, was babysitting for some family friends in the Kansas City area on June 30. His friends left him to alone with the baby, who was in another room napping, while they went grocery shopping. However, they came back after about 10-15 minutes after they had realized they’d left their WIC vouchers at home. When the baby’s mother saw that Newlun wasn’t on the couch where he’d been and that the baby’s bedroom door was open.

When the mother went to see what was going on, according to The Kansas City Star, she found Newlun allegedly touching the baby on her genitals; taking an inappropriate photo of the baby; and masturbating himself.

The mother screamed for her husband and ran outside to get his attention.

The father ran inside and, realizing what was going on, began beating Newlun with his fists and with a with a dresser drawer. So severely was Newlun beaten that, in his mugshot photo which you can see below, he was still bleeding and bruised when he was taken downtown.

The baby’s mother called the police and, while the cops were on their way, the father continued beating Newlun, to the point that a neighbor had to intervene. Reports indicate that, as Newlun was being pummeled, the mother told him that she hoped he would “go down” for this. He allegedly responded, “I hope so too.”

A Missouri man allegedly molested his friend's baby.
Jayson Newlun was taken to jail - after getting a beating from the alleged victim's father. [Image by sakhorn38/Thinkstock]

Newlun was jailed on charges of statutory sodomy, and his bond was set at $250,000.

As of this writing, it is not clear if the baby’s father will face any charges for allegedly dispensing “extra-judicial” punishment to his daughter’s alleged assailant.

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[Featured Image by Kansas City Police Department]