Enedina Vance’s Facebook Photo Of Baby Girl’s Dimple Piercing Enrages Folks, But Pierced Infant Cheek Is Fake

Enedina Vance's Facebook Photo Of Baby Girl's Dimple Piercing Enrages Folks, But Pierced Infant Cheek Is Fake

The Facebook page of Enedina Vance has gotten loads of attention over the past week, when Enedina posted a photo of her baby daughter on June 28, claiming with a tongue-in-cheek (or rather, diamond-in-cheek) Facebook photo and post that exclaimed Vance had gotten her baby girl’s dimple pierced. Enedina went on to write that she thought her baby looked cute with the dimple piercing that she was sure her infant daughter would love as she grew older, and could remove later if she so desired.

Enedina went on to exclaim that since she was the parent and her baby girl was the child, Vance could do anything she wanted until the baby turned 18 years of age. Enedina wrote that since she made the baby girl, she owned the baby girl, so having the infant’s dimple pierced was no big deal and not abusive. Even though Enedina included hashtags like #HumanRights, #ChildrensRights, and #sarcasm in her Facebook post that noted how people “pierce” their babies every day, alluding to circumcision, plenty of people didn’t understand Enedina’s Facebook post and took it literally.

As reported by Lad Bible, Vance was forced to follow her initial Facebook post with another Facebook post published by Enedina on June 29, to explain her intentions. Vance’s first Facebook post drew more than 12,000 shares and gained nearly 10,000 Facebook reactions. Vance wrote that people were outraged that a mother would decide to have her baby girl’s cheek pierced.

Vance wrote about all of the angry comments and hate mail she received in the wake of her initial Facebook post. Enedina compared ear piercings and genital cutting to the type of mutilation that some folks initially thought she did to her baby daughter. Vance continued, saying that her Facebook post was akin to “parent shaming,” however, Enedina claimed she was simply holding up a mirror to people to reflect on what circumcisions and the like can do to babies.

Detractors claim that circumcisions can help baby boys by preventing health issues that might arise when the foreskin of the penis isn’t removed, and say that it can prevent certain cancers.

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